Video shows Robertson’s hilarious post-match interview as Inverness lose 20-5(to a team of 100 kids)


A SCOTTISH football manager has blasted his players for not being able to keep up as they were heavily beaten – by a team of 100 kids.

In a tongue-in-cheek post-match interview Inverness Caledonian Thistle manager John Robertson claimed his players struggled to combat the 30-30-40 formation.

The 52-year-old boss also had a pop at his defenders as they failed to come to terms with the 37 young attackers they were facing.

The Caley senior team eventually lost 20-5 in the half hour match against the youngsters who were selected to play because they were the first fans to buy one of the clubs new junior home shirts.

The stunt involving 100 kids was arranged by Caley Thistle’s shirt sponsors, McEwan Fraser Legal. To celebrate the launch of the team 2017-18 home and away kit, the firm launched a search for 100 kids to take part in a “pre season friendly” against their footballing heroes.

Those who won golden tickets got to play against their favourite players and destroy the professionals in the light-hearted tie.

Robertson managed to remain straight faced during the hilarious post-match debrief, and outlined his disappointment at his team’s loss after facing a wall of youngsters on the pitch at Caledonian Stadium.

He said: “We pride ourselves on working on our team shape and discipline, and today it just didn’t happen.

“I’ve said to the players that when you’re defending you must show them at the wide areas, and we just allowed all thirty-seven of their forwards to just rush through the middle.

“It’s unacceptable, so we’re going to have to get back on the training ground tomorrow, have to prepare properly and just make sure it doesn’t happen again because, I’m sorry to concede twenty goals to any team is just not on.”

The odds were stacked against the professionals who struggled against the waves of kids taking advantage of their greater numbers.

Caley Thistle boss John Robertson blasts players after they were beaten 20-5 by a team of 100 kids

Manager Robertson continued: “I’ve got to admit, we had them watched, and we were sure they were going to play a 50-25-25 formation, but they didn’t.

“They played the opposite, 30-30-40 and they just caught us out.

“We heard they were going to be defensive and were going to try and hit us on the break, but they didn’t – they came right at us, they didn’t allow us any time on the ball.

“They pressed us high up the pitch, and as I say, I can count on virtually one hand the amount of times we got over the halfway line in decent possession.

“I’ve got to say, the way they circled the wagons, all fifty defenders, they just made it impossible for us to break through.”

Hearts legend has rejoined the Highland club for his second spell in charge and will be hoping his charges fair better when the season starts as he looks to guide them back to the top flight.

The hilarious video is part of the McEwan Fraser Legal Biggest Home Game. Watch the full video below.