Mountaineering dog celebrates climbing her 80th Munro in just six years


A MUNRO bagging pooch has managed to scale her 80th mountain in just six years.

The brown and white canine adventurer Roxy has been joining her mountaineering owner to climb the highest peaks in the country – averaging around 13 Munros a year.

Having just completed an incredible 80 Munros, super-fit Roxy the Cocker Spaniel and her devoted owner David Main, are now planning to reach the remarkable 100 Munro milestone.

Despite entering the retirement age of eight – around 60 years-old in human years – the beloved pet is fitter than ever and follows David wherever he roams.


Roxy loves to climb with his owner David


The proud owner and semi-retired baker has snapped photos of Roxy on the peak of nearly every mountain top she’s reached.

Speaking about her incredible feat, David said: “Roxy loves the mountains. She climbed her first Munro when she was just two years old and hasn’t stopped since.

“She’s not managed to come along with me for every Munro however, the ones in the Cuillins are surrounded by very sharp rocks and which would cut her feet and paws.

“Our most memorable climb was when we went up An Teallach and we took this incredible photo of us standing on a rock looking down the glen.

“The next target will be to bag 100 Munro’s with her, not sure which one will be next though.”

55 year-old David from Elgin, in Moray, has owned his outdoor loving pooch since she was a pup and she has even learned to predict when he about to head for the hills.

David continued: “She knows when I about to start getting ready or going out to the mountains. As soon as the car door opens she’s already jumping inside.


The super-fit pooch has now managed to climb 80 Munros


“She’ll come with me out on most trips, she’s stayed in the car overnight with me before a climb and she’s stayed with us camping on the hill before as well.”

Roxy’s first Munro was the vast and sprawling Ben Wyvis mountain in Easter Ross which stands at 1,046 m (3,432 ft) high.

Her latest conquest was the an isolated monolith Ben Hope – Scotland’s most northern mountain standing at 927 m (3,041 ft).

Cocker Spaniels will usually have a life expectancy of around 12-15 years and they’re known for their love of water and use as gun-dogs.

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