Scotland’s worst camper? – Police investigating after campers pitch up tent and van – on a 60mph road


POLICE Scotland have launched an investigation after an image emerged showing “selfish” campers pitching up their tent and van – across a 60mph road.

The thoughtless campers pitched their large cream tent and van up at popular beauty spot, Silver Sands of Morar near Arisaig in the Scottish Highlands earlier this week.

Their location enables them to wake up looking directly onto the picturesque Tougal Beach – while motorists were forced to drive around their adjoining white transit van for two days.

The unbelievable image shows how the white van took over almost the entire lane for traffic on the narrow road – just yards from a sharp corner.

Motorists have blasted the culprits as “idiots” and said there have been several near-misses over the past couple of days because of the thoughtless parking spot.

And road safety organisations have also slammed the campers for the dangerous parking.

Yesterday Police Scotland revealed they are now investigating the incident which could have resulted in fatalities.

Neil Greig, policy and research director of Institute of Advanced Motorists said: “These selfish campers are showing no respect to other drivers or to Scotland’s beautiful scenery.

“The right to roam is clearly being abused by a minority of visitors who know that the chances of being caught are minimal.

“Scots are a very welcoming race but this sort of behaviour tries everyone’s patience!”

Jason Wakeford, spokesman for Brake, the road safety charity, said: “This sounds incredibly dangerous and it’s lucky no one – including those camping – weren’t seriously injured or even worse.

“We would encourage Police Scotland to investigate this.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “This is just idiotic to pitch a tent there.

“If a vehicle hits the unlit van at dead of night, the occupants in the tent could easily be killed.

“I wonder why the police have not moved them on though as this is clearly unsafe.”

The image was shared on Facebook by an angered camper who said: “Wild camping at it’s best.

“Shared from a friend. Was parked like this for two days and joined last night with someone parked behind them even nearer the corner.

“White sands of Morar. Love it when people visit, camp and clean up after themselves but this took the biscuit. Several near misses and a lot of reversing over the last two days.”

The photograph was instantly inundated with dozens of angry comments from social media users.

Dougie Young wrote: “This is exactly the type of behaviour that gives wild camping a bad name.

It’s time for self policing. Someone should have told this idiot to move his van.”

Sara Robinson said: “We passed this the other day as they set up. Didn’t have a care in the world they are blocking one side of a narrow road.”

Jim Peddie wrote: “I’d have parked in the next lay by and called the police. That’s a massive hazard to them and other road users. People need educated.”

And Bill Baird added: “Bloody idiots there are laws in Scotland against such.”

Inspector Isla Campbell said: “Police Scotland received no reports of collisions, near misses or an obstruction of the roadway but are now investigating this report.

“It is important that all road users show due care and consideration for other road users and do not allow their vehicle to obstruct the road.

“This advice stands year round but is particularly relevant during the summer months when visitor numbers and traffic volume increase.

“I would urge members of the public to report incidents of obstruction at the time of the offence so that officers can take the necessary action.”