Hilarious moment man ogling woman walks into post and gets covered in milk


HILARIOUS video footage has captured the moment a shopper walked straight into a traffic light and was covered in milk after a mystery woman caught his eye.


The rubbernecker was caught red handed on CCTV as he tried to ogle a woman crossing the road behind him.

The footage, filmed in Bridgeton, Glasgow, shows the unsuspecting man move unaware towards the pole in front of him as his eyes remain firmly locked on the woman behind.

He then crashes into the traffic light, knocking himself to the floor and causing the milk he’d just purchased to spill all over him,

The funny clip was filmed on Tuesday afternoon and uploaded to Facebook by the Bridgeton Loyal Rangers Supporters Club with the caption: “Who knows this fella? Happened in Bridgeton main street.

Watch the full video below:


“And right back in for another pint of milk so he doesn’t need to explain to his mrs.”

It’s since had over 120,000 views with a further 2,200 likes and over 1,400 shares and countless more comments.

The 31-second-video starts as a woman wearing white jeans prepares to cross the road.

As she steps off the pavement, a man is seen leaving a newsagent with a blue carrier bag.

From the moment he leaves the shop, his gaze is fixed on the woman as she crosses the road whilst he makes his way along the pavement in the opposite direction without looking where he is going.

He holds his gaze for an incredible six seconds before he clatters into the traffic light with a thud and falls back onto the pavement.

The milk he has just purchased spills over his head and onto the pavement behind him as another passer by stops to see what’s happened.

The man walks about for a moment whilst holding his head before making his way back into the shop, presumably to replace the spilt milk.

Facebook users have been quick to respond to the hilarious clip.

Lewis Irvine wrote: “Too funny.”

Neil Currie commented: “Looked a bit like the Rangers defence against Progres.”

Whilst Tracy Russell added: “A funny one.”

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