Moment Irish expat in Canada tries Bucky for first time in 10 year


A BUCKFAST enthusiast who moved to Canada a decade ago has filmed himself trying the beverage for the first time since leaving his homeland.

Matthew Moore, from Belfast, moved to Barrie, Ontario, in 2007 and hadn’t tried “wreck the hoose juice” since leaving the Emerald isle.

However, thanks to his father who brought a bottle over to Canada with him earlier this year, 26 year-old Matthew was able to enjoy the purple tonic wine once again.

Filming himself tasting the monk-made alcohol, the Northern Irishman and his Canadian girlfriend, Morgan Smiley, sampled the notorious wine.

In the short clip, Matthew can be seen opening the bottle, taking a sniff and saying “oh my God” before laughing and taking a swig straight from the neck.

In the background, girlfriend Morgan can also be heard laughing as Matthew, seen wearing a hat and peach coloured shirt says “oh my sweet Jesus, there’s a reason I loved this so much. Oh my God.”

The Bucky fan then passes the beverage to his partner, who asks “will I hate it?” before having a sip.

However, the Canadian isn’t won over by the popular Scottish and Irish drink and clearly cringes as she has a drink before saying “f***” while Matthew holds the camera and laughs.

After composing herself, Morgan then turns to the camera and announces “not as bad as I thought” but declines are drink with her boyfriend saying “but it’s delicious”.

As the clip continues Morgan is coaxed into having another taste and is heard saying “it’s thicker than most wines” with Matthew pointing the camera at her and proudly saying “she’s having it out of the bottle too.”

Talking about the clip manufacturing worker Matthew said: “It’s all pretty hilarious but the fact is it was absolutely fantastic to try it again after so long.

“I used to drink the stuff all the time at home so it was something I really missed.

“My Dad came over for a visit recently and delighted me with a bottle of the purple stuff so I was just waiting for the perfect time to crack it open!

“Had a garden party the other day – hence the getup – and decided there was no better time to get it going!”

“I moved to Canada when I was 17 and I’m 27 now. I moved here with my Mum as she had found work here.

“I thought about coming home for the first couple of years but then met the lovely girl in the video there, her name’s Morgan and we’ve been together for about seven years.”

The hilarious clip – posted by the Facebook group Buckfast Tonic Wine – has received almost 60,000 views, and nearly 2,000 likes.

Commenting on the clip social media users were quick to point out Matthew’s interesting accent.

Barry Wright said: “Best bit was the phrases regressing into Belfast patter ‘she’s drinkin it from the battle an all too’.”

Wullie Stevenson wrote: “I did wonder about the accent myself, Canadian Irish? Sounds crazy.”

Robert Smith commented:”Good things come to those who wait dunno about 10yr for a wine mind you.”

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