Hilarious video shows handstand helper get a kick in the head


A HILARIOUS video shows a woman getting a hefty kick in the head after helping a stranger do a handstand.
A sickening thud is heard and the woman lurches to the side as an upswinging boot catches her in the temple.
Amazingly, the woman not only stays on her feet but goes to help the would-be gymnast after she collapses in a heap.
At the start of the six-second clip, filmed at an Edinburgh festival event, the two women can be seen conferring as someone in the background counts to three.
Anna Escott, 19, from Dalkieth, Midlothian, pulls up her black trousers and flicks her long brown hair behind her, before she attempts her gymnastic move.
The unidentified woman, wearing a red dress with a floral pattern and pigtail buns, tries to stabilise Anna by putting a hand on the small of her back as she lunges forward.
A stomach-churning thump can then be heard as Anna’s right leg jolts into the air and smacks right into her mysterious assistant’s head.
The anonymous woman remains sturdy despite the considerable force behind the knock, as she tries to catch a tumbling Anna who careered into the portable building.

At the end of the clip, Amy Robertson, who was filming the footage, can be heard shouting “Oh my god!” while a passerby sarcastically comments: “Careful…”.
The footage was captured on Saturday night (AUG 12), outside the Theatre Big Top in Edinburgh city centre.
Amy Robertson, 21, from Dalkeith, Midlothian, was at the Big Top to see a performance of The Lady Boys of Bangkok cabaret show with her friend Anna.
Amy posted the video to twitter with the caption: “I am f****** howling, as if Anna actually kicked that woman in the head.”
Anna responded to the post by saying: “She was into it.”