Revolting moment tesco customer finds maggots halfway through eating punnet of raspberries


A STOMACH-churning video shows the moment a Tesco customer found maggots in a punnet of raspberries – she was halfway through eating.
Carol Gibson’s clip shows tiny white maggots wriggling among the fruit delivered to her home in Southampton.
One distinctive grub can be seen making its way across one of the raspberries in the centre of the sickening video.
Tesco said in a statement today (Thu) that they had asked Carol to return to fruit to them so they could investigate.
She posted the revolting clip to Tesco’s Facebook page on Tuesday evening.
She posted the video with the caption: “Hi Tesco, I thought I would share my video of the maggots in my in-date raspberries that I was eating today, and unfortunately your customers service team weren’t able to offer a satisfactory solution.”

Responding to a Tesco customer care staff member in the comments of her post, Carol hit out at the company for its response to her initial complaint.
She said: “They offered me a £10 voucher and asked me to take the raspberries back to the store. As I found the maggots halfway through eating the raspberries I found this unacceptable.
“The reason I get my shopping delivered is that I don’t have the time to go to the store and so don’t have time to take the raspberries back. I did offer to take them to my local small Tesco but she said that I couldn’t.”
A Tesco spokesperson said: “We have extremely high standards for the products we put on our shelves and work hard to inspect our fruit carefully.
“However, due to the freshness of our produce incidences like this can happen on very rare occasions. We have asked Ms Gibson to return the raspberries so we can investigate with our supplier.”
Social media users were quick to comment on the post and convey their disgust at the footage.
Joyce Mitchell wrote: “Oh my god that’s disgusting”
Maria Hall added: “Absolutely disgusting. Customer services should have been more obliging. A lesson to be held I think.”
Matt Saintsman Headland joked: “Not so nice, Dave could use those maggots for his fishing though.”