“Here’s what’s wrong with Scottish football.” Under-21 posts pic of kids training without footballs


A SCOTLAND under-21 footballer has slammed kids’ coaches for making them train without the ball, asking: “Does a pianist run round a piano?”
Kilmarnock winger Dom Thomas took to social media last night (THU) to have a pop at the state of youngster’s coaching in Scotland when he spotted a local youth team running instead of practising with the ball at their feet.
There is not a football to be seen in the picture which Thomas posted on Twitter as the young players run between cones instead.
European footballing giants such as Spain and France are said to produce more technically gifted players as a result of placing emphasis in training on the ball rather than fitness drills.
Former Motherwell star Thomas asked on Twitter: “What’s wrong with Scottish football?
“Here’s what’s wrong, 12 year olds training and not a football in sight. #FootballersNotRunners!
His tweet has since had over 850 retweets and a over 2,300 likes with countless more users commenting on his post.
The photo shows a squad of young players in red training kit as they run in a local park with no footballs in sight.

In the comments section of his post Thomas pointed out that the likes of Real Madrid star Luka Modric wouldn’t train in this way.
He wrote: “Does a pianist run round a piano? Exactly. Only gonna get better doing the right things.
“One things for sure you’ll not see Modric doing that kind of training. Run all day and couldn’t pass water, speedboats with no driver a like to call them.”
Other users were quick to react to the post.
Willie McNab wrote: “Don’t get it. Get the ball out. Small areas for reactions. Large areas for conditioning. All done with the ball!”#
Keith Robertson commented: “Just as bad as when they take the goalposts down for summer holidays! Madness.”
Whilst Gary Meechan added: “Observed seven year olds training on pitch next to us tonight. 45 mins before a ball was introduced. 45 minutes!”

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