Hilarious video shows woman trying to escape locked car park


HILARIOUS footage shows a woman desperately battling for an hour to get out of a car park she pointlessly climbed in to.
The unknown woman wanders back and forth, occasionally making various half-hearted attempts to haul herself over a wire fence – watched by baffled locals in Glasgow.
And when she does finally find the gate, things get even more bizarre as she gets wedged underneath as a passer-by pulls on her legs.
The clip comes with a soundtrack of songs played live on the mobile used to film it – including Queen’s I Want to Break Free and Akon’s Locked Up.
The video was filmed in a locked car park on Monday evening in the east end of the city by a resident who wishes to remain anonymous.
According to the cameraman, the woman managed to climb in to the Glasgow Pram Centre property – for reasons that remain completely obscure – and found herself trapped.
The clip – called “Mad junkie got herself stuck in the car park” – shows the woman try to lift herself backwards on to a grey metal box, reaching for the top of the 5ft fence, and tentatively putting up a leg.

Bemused locals pass her by, with some attempting to help, before eventually giving up and leaving her to it.
The video then cuts to another woman arriving at the scene, with the caption: “Mad junkie number two to the rescue.”
The new arrival, dressed in black, leads the unfortunate woman to a gate at the rear of the car park, but things go from bad to worse for her.
She attempts to squeeze under a fence, but becomes wedged-fast while her anonymous helper pulls at her legs desperately.
The anonymous poster captioned the hilarious slapstick clip: “Too fat and got stuck under the fence.”
In the final sequence the woman is seen walking free.
Social media users were quick to comment on the hilarious post.
Holly Sellers commented: “Hahaha this made my night last night.”
Darren Littlex wrote simply: “Class.”
While Ali Bennet added: “Awww i miss glesga!”