Joker rearranges post office sign to read “Am pist off.”


A FED-UP electrician blew a fuse and rearranged the letters in a post office sign to make his feelings clear.

The mischievous spark was installing lights outside the Kames Post Office, Argyll and Bute, last week.

He removed the letters K, S, O, C, as well as two Es from the sign, and rearranged what was left to read: “Am pist off.”

Sub-post master Scott Lindsay was blissfully unaware of the joke until passers-by starting bursting into laughter and stopping cars to take pictures.

The post office has been shut for refurbishment and it is though the electrician was fed up because he had been crawling about in a dusty, 100-year-old loft all day.

Lindsay said: “I saw it and thought, I hope we don’t get into trouble with the Post Office.

“We kept it up over the weekend, and people have been taking pictures on their way past, it has been great.

“We open for the first time at one o’clock today (MON) so we’ve had to start taking it down now.”

Scott added that the post office had been closed for two weeks due to refurbishment when the sign was reordered, and that the cheeky sparky was renowned locally for his sense of humour.

He said: “He’s very funny but he is a bit of a moaner, it’s all doom and gloom with him.

“I think he was actually p***** off that day. He was frustrated because we had him climbing around in a dirty loft that is 100 years old.”

The post office, situated on the secluded western arm of the Kyles of Argyll, is being refurbished to include a new cafe.

Christopher Blair, 23, a joiner and builder working on the refurbishment, posted a picture of the sign with the caption: “Doing a post office change over for work this week and today I think the electrician might have been in a bit of a huff when he was putting cables in for the outside lights.

“The sign used to read Kames Post Office, and the picture was taken in Kames, Tighnabruaich. There plenty of passers by who stopped and had a good laugh at it! I kinda like it to be fair.”

Christopher, speaking yesterday (SUN), said: “I don’t think he was p***** off at all, it was just funny at the time and he is a bit of a joker.

“It’s an ongoing thing that has happened for years and we have called the post office ‘the Kames pist office’.

“I don’t think he could resist.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the post and praise the spark’s ingenuity and sense of humour.

Moira Adam commented: “Very good, he’s obviously got a sense of humour!”

Michelle Hofmann added: “Electricians are always crying about something. This is funny.”

Marion Archibald said simply: “Brilliant.”

Others joined in to crack their own jokes.

Tina Robertson wrote: “Better than being pist on!”

Chris Cogan joked: “It can’t be a sparky, the spelling is too close. Sparkies only know 4 letters… R G Y B for red, green, yellow, brown.”

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