Amazing moment runaway caravans parks itself


INCREDIBLE footage shows a runaway caravan roll down a hill before perfectly parking itself.
The van comes loose while being towed up the hill and starts to pick up pace as gravity takes control.
But instead of crashing into buildings or vehicles, the caravan follows the curve of the road, passes through a gate, and comes safely to a stop in a designated parking space.
The remarkable footage, caught on CCTV in the south of France on August 10, then shows the panicked owners of the vehicle sprinting after it.
A family were driving away from the Luberon Monts de Vaucluse campsite, in Cavaillon, near Marseilles, when the incident happened.
The caravan was not attached properly and a speed bump caused it to unhitch and speed down the road backwards.
The video shows a silver car towing a small white caravan from the carpark of the campsite area.

The estate car and camper manage to make it through the barriers with no issues, but as they get to the top of a small road hump at the exit, chaos ensues.
The silver car doesn’t have any trouble clearing the speed bump, but the caravan does not fair as well.
It doesn’t make it over, and instead careers backwards towards a car park full of other vehicles.
Astonishingly, it manages to navigate through the entrance to the car park at speed.
It narrowly misses a parked van, by only inches, and careers right into a waiting space.
The owners of the caravan can then be seeing high tailing it down the small road, as they realise that the van has detached itself.
Johanna van Deursen, who works for Camping La Durance, a French company with a variety of campsites all over the country, posted the video to Facebook
The clip now has a staggering 1.6m views, over 15,000 shares and 4,300 likes.
Johanna van Deursen, who posted the video on Facebook, said: “The video shows a family on departure. The caravan was badly attached, but luckily there was almost no damage.
“It’s a little miracle.”
Social media users were quick to comment on the post, noting how lucky an escape the caravan owners had from causing serious damage.
Jack McDermott said: “That was lucky not to smash into anything.”
Dave Hagan added: “Wow, if that ever happened you couldn’t ask for a better outcome. So very lucky.”
Eugene Antonio said simply: “One in a million.”
Other social media users joked that the caravans self-parking was better than their own.
Amanda Ankers commented: “I couldn’t have done that as well if the car was attached.”
Tash Sheree added: “Who needs to learn to park a trailer anyway.”
Glen Martin said: “Most people can’t back up that good attached to the vehicle.”
While Linda Gamble joked: “Wow you couldn’t tell anyone that happened they wouldn’t believe you.”

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