“I will actually f****** kill you!” Mum takes son’s shaven head very badly


A MUM has branded her son an “unemployable idiot” after he lost a bet over the Mayweather-McGregor fight and had to shave off all his hair.

Ryan Fair sent his mum a picture of his newly-shorn scalp and captioned it: ‘Sorry mum I lost a bet x”.

Ryan, from Perth, who normally sports curly, thick locks, grinned cheekily for the camera as he showed off his new look.

But his mum’s reaction caused a storm on Twitter after he posted their exchange, during which she wrote “I will actually f** kill you” and told him he looked like a “total loser”.

The post has gathered over 6,100 likes since Ryan, 16, uploaded the pictures on Sunday (AUG 27).

Ryan had a bet with his friends that Connor McGregor would beat Floyd Mayweather in Saturday night’s boxing match.


However, when Mayweather earned a Technical Knock Out over McGregor in the 10th round, Ryan accepted his forfeit – and then had to break the news to his mum.

He captioned the tweet: “She’s not too impressed haha.”

The conversation between the two has caused great amusement among social media users.

Ryan’s mum reacted badly to the sudden loss of her sons locks. She said: “I will actually f***** kill you.

“I swear to God Ryan you can move out.

“I thought you were at work!

“I am actually crying.”

Ryan cheekily replied: “It’s not the end of the world.”

His mum refused to back down, she said: “How are you meant to get a job now Ryan! You look like a total loser.

“You actual idiot.”

Ryan countered: “Plenty of people have skinheads Mum, Jamie is bald.”

His Mum said simply: “Disgusting.”

Ryan’s last ditch attempt to bring her round was by writing: “It’ll grow back haha.”

Ryan said today (TUE) that his mum has now found the funny side, but she clearly wasn’t amused at the time.

Social media users were quick to comment on the post.

Aidan Edwards joked: “You have the worst head shape in the world.”

Jordie enjoyed Ryan’s counter argument. He said: “Plenty people have skinheads haha.”

However, user Mads was not amused. She said: “No, stop that i’d be same as his mum.”

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