Retail park boasts parking for parent and child on motorbike


SHOPPERS have been baffled by a car park sign which suggests parents and children should share a motorbike.
A car park space at the retail park in Aberdeen is marked with a parent and child symbol.
But the same space at Berryden retail park features a metal post with a motorbike symbol clearly attached.
The orange motorbike sign is near to a Sainsbury’s store but the car parking is operated by a separate company so it is not clear who is responsible for the confusion.
But online jokers were quick to share their thoughts.

Website Scotland’s Worst Drivers reposted the picture with the caption: “Parent & Child parking, Motorcycle parking or Motorcycle parking for riders with a child as a pillion passenger? Cast your vote now!”
YPLAC jokingly replied: “Side-car. It’s the only option. 2oz Cognac, 3/4oz Triple Sec, 3/4oz Lemon Juice. Stick in a shaker with ice. Pout into martini glass. Go.”
Grumpy Old Git, who took the original picture, posted a follow-up image of Wallace and Grommit in their motorbike with sidecar.

Grumpy Old Git, real name Steve French, posted the original shot of the parking space with the words: “Just been to your Aberdeen Berryden store. Make your minds up is it car or motorbike parking?#sainsburys.”

Steve, from Tarland, Aberdeenshire, was told by the firm: “Sorry, we don’t own the car park, you want to speak to the company that runs it.”
Steve, 54, added today (wed): “I think that section of the car park has been recently resurfaced because the tarmac and markings are very fresh and smooth.
“There has always been a motorbike parking bay in that area, so my best guess is that they might have rearranged or moved the parking bays when they were resurfacing, this has left the sign out of alignment with the adjacent motorbike bay.”

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “We’re sorry for any confusion this has caused and are arranging for the markings below the sign to be corrected as quickly as possible.”

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