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Vaping and the Health Industry

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For many the vapour e-cigarette is perceived as a form of recreation, with many people simply using them to perform smoke tricks. However, the medicinal potential of e-cigarettes has been clear from the very start. While there has been much debate on the subject of how useful e-cigarettes can be from a health perspective, there have since been numerous studies that have come to light in recent years to support the vaping industries credentials as a legitimate means of improving health. The benefits of vaping don’t just stop at not staining the wallpaper in your home like tobacco cigarettes!

Here are some of the reasons why we’re far more likely to introduce vapes into our healthcare system within the next few years.

Smoking Cessation

It’s no secret that those who want to quit smoking are best to use e-cigarettes as a means of doing so. While nicotine patches and gum provide that well needed nicotine hit to help you quit, so do e-cigarettes. The key factor that differentiates vapes from the crowd is that it takes a lot of the same muscle memory as former smokers often say that they miss something called a ‘throat hit’ – where they inhale and exhale the smoke.

Some complain that we cannot know the effect e-cigarettes can have on our health in the long term, but there have been studies conducted by the NHS to prove the effects of e-cigs on our health and negligible compared to that of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The level of nicotine in e-cigarettes can also be altered, so it is possible to slowly wean yourself off the addictive substance to the point where you barely notice. It won’t be long before the health industry starts to prescribe them to patients who want to quit smoking.

Alternative to Drug Administration

Just like nicotine, many medicinal professionals are starting to realise that there is potential for several different drugs to be administered through the e-liquids of a vapour cigarette. For those that suffer from a fear of needles, this would be a huge advantage as they would no longer have to suffer through their skin getting penetrated.

A more controversial issue here, would be a massive reduction in the dangers addicts pose themselves with sharing needles. While obviously this is a huge issue for the lawmakers of society, from a medical perspective, the number of people sharing needles going down would be a huge help and a massive relief on our national health service that needs to treat complications to people’s health who do this.

Vitamin/Supplement Intake

Similarly to the previous point, there is also serious scope for introducing various vitamin and supplements with e-liquids to give people an increase so they can be helped to achieve their recommended daily intake. Imagine how easy it will be achieving your 5-a-day when you can vape to increase your vitamin levels!

Vaping is still quite a ‘new’ phenomenon so people are still learning about it’s potential, but rest assured, in a few years we’re going to see a real difference in people’s perceptions on e-cigarettes and finally depart from the negative stigma that unfairly surrounds it.