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Will the Corporate and Institutional Broking/Wealth Management Industry Continue to Flourish?


Corporate and institutional broking cover a range of different services in the financial sector, from financing to making deals, and as such are used by numerous different types of clients across the world.

Similarly, wealth management is in high demand, and WHIreland, a firm which offers both these types of services, has been performing strongly recently, which could signal that the sector will continue to grow. Here is some further information.


Clearly the news of WHIreland doing well is indicative of good growth and a healthy level of interest in this sector as a whole from clients. Due to the state of the global economy and various uncertainties in relation to its future, many people are now interested in protecting their money/investments by seeking professional financial help.

As more people become aware of the existence of firms like WHIreland, it could well be the case that an increasing amount understand the benefits of using their services and begin to invest their money.


It is worth noting that the growth in profit enjoyed by WHIreland was set against losses of £1.5m in the same period the year previous, suggesting that it has been both significant and rapid. If results for other companies are similar, this means they can begin a campaign of reinvestment, strengthening their capabilities and reaching out to new clients.

This is likely to be a strong indicator that WHIreland, amongst others, will continue to grow throughout 2017 and into 2018, as they are clearly operating in a lucrative and opportunity filled environment.

Economic Uncertainty

It is important to highlight the fact that the world economy is currently extremely unpredictable, and in the UK Brexit has caused serious concern amongst a number of business owners and companies. This could offset the potential for further growth in the industry, as some potential clients may be reluctant to invest their money/pay the fees for the services.

That being said, there is still a good chance that the UK economy will stabilise once the effects of Brexit become clearer, and the same is true of the global economy, which has been rocked by events like the North Korea/US tensions (which are showing signs of subsiding).

It is likely that the corporate and institutional broking and wealth management services will see further growth, especially if WHIreland’s strong results are anything to go by. The extent of their continued success remains to be seen, but they could well be headed for a major boost in the coming years.




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