Dara O’Briain mocks BBC after Ireland “removed” from EU


DARA O’Briain has ridiculed the BBC after the corporation appeared to “remove” Ireland from the EU.

A snapshot of a BBC news graphic highlighted EU countries in red but showed the Republic of Ireland in white along with the UK.

The apparent blunder was spotted by Rachel Martin who tweeted the picture to O’Briain with the caption: “Hi Dara, Can you tell the BBC next time you’re in there that Ireland is still in the EU, thanks!”

He replied: “Oh, FFS. This is how we end up “suddenly” discussing a border in NI.”

The comedians tweet now has over 1,300 likes and 340 retweets.

Deranged Bacon said: “I love the sudden realization of remembering a startling number of people outside of these two islands can’t tell the difference.”

Patrick Seurre commented: “Apparently Ireland is little more than a colony.”

Mary Walsh posted a gif of American actress Kristen Ritter rolling her eyes, and said simply: “Sweet Jesus”.



BBC News declined to comment on the blunder today (fri).

However, a corporation insider confirmed that there had been an “unintentional error”.

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