Amazing cockpit footage shows Red Arrows flyover at Queensferry crossing opening


AMAZING footage captured the moment the Red Arrows flew over the Queensferry Crossing during the official opening.

The footage was posted on twitter by the Red Arrows account yesterday (September 4).

The first clip, shown below, is taken from the cockpit of Red 1’s jet, flown by Junior Engineering Officer, Flight Lieutenant Alicia Mason. The other red arrows can be seen following behind as the formation comes in from the sea, and flies over the Forth Bridges from the west.

Credit: MOD/Crown Copyright 2017

The second video gives a different perspective, filmed from the point of view of Red 9’s cockpit. Looking forward this time, it was filmed by Senior Aircraft Technician Jordan Thorburn. As the formation approaches the bridges, their vapour trails suddenly change from white to a vibrant blue.

Credit: MOD/Crown Copyright 2017