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Ideal Features to Look For In a PDF Reader


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PDF readers have taken the e-world by storm as they have freed people from carrying heavy loads of notes, books and documents to workplaces and education centers.

With the invention of electronic devices, PDF readers have gained enormous popularity because of the features they provide. However, not all PDF readers let you have a good experience while going through PDF files but only some grant you this luxury, such as Soda pdf. Therefore, it is very essential to look for a PDF reader that has the ideal features.

Here are some ideal features to look for in a PDF reader:

Diverse Reading Options

A good PDF reader is one which offers a variety of reading options to the user. These options may include reading in book mode(recommended if you’re reading an ebook), PDF view, night mode and full screen mode that allows the pointer to work while reading in case if you want to click on links.

It is essential that you choose a PDF reader that offers all of these reading options so that you can enjoy reading or working on PDF files on your device without facing any trouble.

Magnifying Option

Magnifying option lets you enhance the document without deteriorating its original quality. There are many scenarios where you would want to enlarge the document for editing or other purposes such as signing a document or verifying a digital sign.

This option benefits people who love to read books but can’t due to weak eyesight. Magnification option helps such people to read with ease.

Read Out Loud Option

The most vital option that should be in your PDF reader is the read out loud option. This option will let you listen to the written text, removing the need to read.

This option works on Text-to-Speech technology and can convert any type of text and read you out. However, it may not support languages other than English, unless your tool is made specifically for other languages or contains add-ons. This options is especially for those readers who have lost their eyesight but haven’t lost the will to read books.

Annotations Option

This option lets you highlight, mark, underline, strike-through, and bold the text that is important in a document or a file. Book readers often love to highlight favorite quotes or passages from books so that they can easily find them and go through them again when they want to.

Annotation option is present in almost all the PDF readers. Another important annotation in a PDF reader is the sticky comment feature. It lets you add comments at places where you feel like. It helps students make notes during a lecture and add comments on the slides.

Creating And Editing

Your PDF reader should be able to create blank PDF documents and edit them as you desire. You should be able to add, replace, delete the text. Format the page as you see fit. And most importantly, convert files into PDF and save them into PDF format.

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