Adorable video shows rescue pigs in heaven munching strawberry flan


AN adorable video shows two pigs that were rescued from the butcher’s knife in complete heaven as they scoff – a strawberry flan.

Brothers Hufflepuff and Dumbledore munch in unison, and both end up with red goatees, after devouring the treat.

The Kunekune pigs were facing the chop when they were rescued by the Glendrick Roost Animal Welfare Centre, near Aberfoyle, Stirling.

The clip shows the pair, side-by-side and with dreamy expressions on their faces, as they tuck in, aided by the centre’s chickens.

Chewed-up pieces of strawberry and pastry are shown overflowing from their chops as they dig into their food bowls which are almost the same size as their heads.

Surprisingly, the ravenous pair even shared their food with several hungry chickens who also delved into the bowls after a piece of flan.

The welfare centre, which is run entirely from donations, shared the hilarious video on their Facebook page, writing: “ Our amazing pigs Hufflepuff and Dumbledore tucked into a tasty treat of strawberry flan today.

“Watch and see if you think they enjoyed it…”

The video has since been viewed almost 6,000 times and attracted dozens of comments from mesmerised viewers.

Gayle Bishop wrote: “I just love this video. These guys are sooo cute.”

Gemma Ferguson said: “It reminds me of a scene from Hannibal.”

And Pam Ahonen wrote: “Sure looks like they enjoyed it.”

One social media user, Alec Stuart joked: “Haha, looks like me!.”

Several viewers said they were surprised that pigs liked Strawberries, to which the welfare centre replied: “Not much they don’t like.

“Onions, garlic, ginger, leeks and lemons that is about it I think. Oh and sprouts.”

The kunekune is a small breed of domestic pig, originally from New Zealand.

They are typically around 24 inches tall and can weigh between 60 and 200 kgs.

Kunekune pigs are recognisable for being hairy, having a rotund build and often have wattles – sagging skin -hanging from their lower jaws.

They are known to be placid, friendly natured and love human contact – making them popular as pets.

To donate, or sponsor Hufflepuff and Dumbledore, please visit;

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