Selfish motorist using three bays gets hilarious diagram on how to park


A DRIVER who straddled three parking bays has been shamed on social media – and given a hilarious diagram showing how they should have done it.

The black Vauxhall Insignia was photographed parked sideways at a busy tourist attraction, using up three bays.

A frustrated motorist shared a snap of the selfish parking to a social media page along with the hand-drawn diagram they attached to the windscreen.

Designed to enlighten the dimmest driver, it simply showed the three bays with an arrow pointing to the central one.

The images, taken at Antrim Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, were posted on Tuesday to the Idiot drivers of Northern Ireland Facebook page.

The Vauxhall Insignia was snapped at Antrim Castle in Northern Ireland

The poster, who wishes to remain anonymous, captioned their handiwork: “I’m no expert but this parking in Antrim Castle looks wrong, and the note I left.”

The aggrieved motorist entitled their passive-aggressive masterpiece: “Directions of use.”

Leaving no room for doubt, the person added under the arrow: “Park here!!!”

The anonymous poster left a hilarious note for the Vauxhall driver

Savi Scarnduff wrote on social media: “I’m glad you left this note, taking up three spaces is so inconsiderate. Like, what planet did this person learn to drive on? Seriously.”

Sarah Pyper added: “Brilliant, you should make another one and photocopy it a few hundred times.”

Mark Robinson commented: “My hero.”

While James Aston said simply: “Great note.”

Hector Hall joked: “Typical Vauxhall driver.”

Other social media users suggested that they would have taken more drastic action to get the point across.

Adrian Donaldson said: “I would have blocked him in.”

Marie Hull added: “Yeah, I would have moved the cars closer, get out of that one.”

While G James Mc tried to understand the Vauxhall drivers thinking. He said: “Well it’s a beautiful car and maybe they don’t want to risk someone banging their doors against it. Putting a sign like this on a car window is akin to criminal damage and the culprit should be reported by the owner to the police.”