Moment mother gasps in shock as reckless driver overtakes


A TERRIFYING video captures a mother gasp in horror and disbelief as a reckless, overtaking motorist hurtles towards her vehicle.

The woman, who was travelling with her eight-year-old daughter in the back, escaped serious injury or death in the incident a fortnight ago.

Marilyn O’Connor’s dashcam video shows a blue Ford Focus overtaking on a mountain road in Argyll and Bute – with a steep drop on one side.

The driver dangerously overtakes a transit van and silver car near the Rest and be Thankful beauty spot on the A82 near Tarbert.

Marilyn gasps in panic as she spots the car and slams on the brakes to avoid a head-on smash.

Marilyn said of the August 29 near-miss: “Came across this a*****e on A83, these idiots shouldn’t be allowed on the roads.

“Had an eight year old in the back seat at the time but was lucky enough to be paying attention to the road myself and avoid colliding with him.”

Road safety campaigners have hit out at the dangerous driver.

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers, who obtained the clip, said: “What a crazy, crazy overtake, especially on approach to a corner without a clear view of the road ahead.

“Luckily the driver of the camera car was on the ball and was able to brake in enough time to avoid a “head-on collision.

“Time and time again we are seeing drivers risking the safety of other road users to shave seconds off journey times.”


Mike Bristow, spokesman for Brake, the road safety charity said: “This driver clearly has no regard for his own safety or that of those around him.

“Rural roads are some of the most dangerous to drive on.

“We would ask drives to take extra care and avoid unnecessary risk, especially on these sorts of roads.”

Rebecca Ashton, Policy and Research Campaigns Manager for the Institute of Advanced Motorists RoadSmart (IAM) said: “The vehicle overtaking has in my opinion committed to the overtake without assessing the potential of the vehicle with the camera off the bend.

“Anything quicker such as a motorcycle may have had tragic consequences.

“The road markings are of hazard lines which warn of a hazard ahead, therefore the driver should not have crossed them unless they could see the road to be clear and considered the upcoming bend.

“Luckily no one was hurt on this occasion. The driver of the camera car was able to react in time to allow the overtaking vehicle to get back to their side of the road.

“If the driver of the overtaking car had left a little more time for their journey and perhaps been more patient with the vehicles in front of them they would not have forced the driver of the camera car to take action to avoid a potentially devastating situation.”

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