“Polis just won the internet.” Cops hit back at driver who tried to shame their parking


POLICE Scotland hilariously turned the tables on a driver who tried to catch them out for bad parking.

Callum Smith took to Facebook to post a snap of a police van which he reckoned was partially parked on yellow diagonals.

But he got “burned” by the boys in blue when they did a bit of delving of their own and produced an old picture of his car parked diagonally across a disabled bay.

POLICE Scotland hilariously turned the tables on a driver who tried to catch them out for bad parking.

The police rejoinder has gone down a storm on social media with one user telling the force they had just “won the internet”.

The force has regularly taken a battering on social media, including a recent case when a selfie of three female officers was posted with the words “not just pretty faces”.

But Callum, from Locharbriggs, Dumfries and Galloway, may regret his decision to jump on the bandwagon.

He took to the Dumfries Galloway Police Facebook page to post a picture of one of the force’s marked vans parked at a Tesco in Dumfries.

Dumfries and Galloway Police responded to eagle eyed Callum Smith with a photo of their own

The photo shows the vehicle slightly crossing the edge of the parking space with driver’s side front and rear wheels partially on yellow lines.

Writing alongside the snap, he said: “Some parking at Tesco’s Dumfries tonight”

The image was posted on Saturday evening and by Sunday morning the police had come up with their answer.

It is unclear where the image came from, but its shows three VW Polos parked diagnally across disabled bays.

The force, backed by a winking emoji, wrote: “Thanks Callum. Remember you parked in the same car park 5 years ago and tagged the photo the ‘polo way to park’.

“Here’s the photo to remind you, oh and that’s also a disabled space.”

Currently the funny post and response has gone viral, having been like by over 1,900 social media users.

One commenter, Fiona Potts, said: “Ooohhhhhh Snap!”

James McCreadie wrote: “Ok Dumfries Polis just won the internet.”

Liz Torbet replied: “Think someone might need some water they have just been burned.”

Jennifer Mckay said: “Haha u better get your self to a&e for treatment for that burn!”

Sam Garden wrote: “What a response! Totally, and utterly owned!”

Callum also responded to the police post: “A did? can’t even mind that. Credit where it’s due”

Come of the comments posted under Callum’s message to the police

Earlier this year Edinburgh Police Division were on the receiving end of a public slating after they posted an image of three female officers online along with the caption: “These Ladies are more than just pretty faces!”

The force were accused of “going back to the 70s” by social media users and caused even more outrage by attempting to defend the post on the basis that it was written by a woman.

Ironically, the original post was intended to promote equal opportunities.

Police Scotland today (mon) revealed that they had hit back at Callum with one of their own pictures.

A spokesman for the Dumfries and Galloway Police Division said: “It was a photo that we had on record which we responded with.

“We don’t have anything more to add other than the comment we responded with. Facebook is interactive and it gives us an chance to reply to those posting on the page.”