“Selfish git!” Mum’s hilarious message to son who scoffed family’s pancakes


A MUM’S furious rant at her “selfish git” son after he wolfed down a full packet of pancakes has caused a sensation on social media.

Jack Leyton-Smith, a student from Aberdeen, scoffed five pancakes before the rest of his family woke up – but then felt the full wrath of his mum.

She tore into Jack in a 30-second voice message on his mobile.

Jack posted the message twitter on Friday (SEPT 15) with the caption: “Mum’s raging because I ate all the pancakes HAHAHAHA.”

The post now has 56,000 likes, 25,000 retweets, and over 600 comments.

Jack revealed that after running out of cereal, he ravenously devoured the pancakes and then ran out of the house before his mum discovered what he had done.

The footage begins with Jack’s mum stating sternly: “Yeah you won’t answer will you, because you know what you’ve done wrong.

She continues: “Those boys asked me yesterday when I went to Tesco to buy them pancakes for their bloomin’ breakfast today, and what have you done? You’ve eaten five pancakes to yourself!

“You’re a greedy selfish boy! You bring me back a packet of pancakes for these boys tonight.

“I’m furious Jack, this is the height of greed eating five pancakes! Do you think I just bought them all for you?

She finishes the message with a resounding: “Selfish git.”

Among the hundreds of comments on social media was one by Nida Muntaz, who said: “Hahaha five pancakes Jack i’d be mad too.”

To which Jack replied: “They were bloody delicious.”

Lee Dawson added: “THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF GREED.”

Mahi commented: “This is me if my kid ever eats my pancakes.”

Elton Chan joked: “I beg you send her a vid of yourself eating pancakes.”

Other social media users were a bit more understanding.

Ashaaa commented: “My mum sends me voice notes like this.”

Ruth Gold said: “This is mum when we ask for an extra naan bread.”

Joshua Carmichael joked: “When you start u can’t stop can u?”

Simon S Frankin added: “This just made my day!”

Harrison said simply: “My actual life.”

The following day, Jack posted a picture of the replacement pancakes with the caption: I’m getting PTSD. Why has she bought more ffs?”

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