“It’s not dead! It’s not dead!” Moment woman finds live spider while eating Sainsbury’s salad


A TERRIFIED Sainsbury’s customer has been filmed screaming hysterically after she found a live spider in her salad – halfway through eating it.

Kerri Welch found the motionless critter in her lunch and filmed herself giving it a tentative prod with her fork.

But the beastie suddenly springs into life and scuttles for cover as a shocked Kerri, 29, screams: “It’s not dead!”

Sainsbury’s have launched an investigation into the find, which happened at their store in Hambledon Road, Portsmouth.

The spider survived for three days in her fridge before an unsuspecting Kerri decided yesterday (Mon) to open the salad, described on the supermarket’s website as “tangy and crispy”.

The 13-second clip begins with a close up of a small black and grey spider sitting motionless, visibly in a blue bowl and surrounded by salad scraps.

Kerri moves her fork towards the critter to give it a prod. Suddenly it scuttles away and Kerri can be heard shrieking in disgust.

She shouts: “It’s not dead! It’s not dead!”

Kerri, still screaming, moves her fork closer again and the spider runs towards her across a pile of croutons.

That’s the final straw for Kerri, who shouts “F****** hell!” before jumping and sending the spider flying across the room as the video ends.

Kerri, a Health Care Assistant, posted the video to Sainsbury’s Facebook page with the caption: “Really Sainbury’s, you’ve put me right off healthy eating.

“I had a Caesar salad (without the dressing because I’m being healthy) and what do I find after I’d eaten half of it, a bloody spider!

“It’s definitely not dead and knowing my luck it has laid its eggs and now they are going to hatch in my small intestine.

“Could I have an address to send the little darlings to (when they hatched of course) because I have enough on my plate at the moment!”

Sainsbury’s responded to the video in the posts comments, they said: “I’m so sorry about that Kerri! Do you by any chance still have the spider? Can you also send me a photo of the barcode and which store this was from?”

Kerri, speaking yesterday (MON) said: “It was a pretty big shock, but quite funny once I got over that.

“I ate around half of it before seeing the spider at the bottom of the bowl. I assumed it was dead because it had been in my fridge for three days but apparently that particular spider had a pretty good immunity to the cold.

“I have the packaging but unfortunately not the spider, he died shortly after I made the video.”

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said, “We apologise to Kerri for this unpleasant find and will be investigating with our supplier. Problems like this are extremely rare and our suppliers have processes in place to prevent this from happening.”

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