Moment biker on wrong side of TT route almost hits car at combined speed of 120mph


A VIDEO shot on the Isle of Man’s notorious TT route shows a biker on the wrong side of the road almost collide with a car at a combined speed of 120mph.

The reckless biker suddenly appears as the dashcam vehicle negotiates a right-hand bend and flashes past with barely a foot to spare.

A potentially fatal collision is only averted because the shocked driver swerves at the last second towards the centre of the road, exclaiming: “F*** me, what the f*** was that about?”

The car is travelling at about 60mph and the biker is likely to be going at least as fast, giving a combined impact velocity in excess of 120mph.

The infamous TT race, held in May and June, see riders reaching speeds of up to 200mph with an average of 2.3 competitors killed on average every year since it began in 1907.

The footage was filmed on August 26, on the “mountain road” part of the route, by Alex Devereau. Police investigated but were never able to trace the biker.

As the start of the clip, the dash cam vehicle is seen travelling along the 60mph route down the mountain.

As the car rounds a right hand bend, the bikers suddenly come into view, with a man in a dark coloured motorbike clearly on the wrong side of the road.

Immediately after seeing the riders, the car begins to brake and pulls to the right, over the central white line.

The biker, travelling to quickly to swing back over onto the correct lane, is forced to go around the car while almost mounting the grassy verge.

Another motorbike is seen passing by on the correct side of the road, pulling over to the far right of his lane to avoid the car.

Commenting on the clip, viewers were shocked at the biker’s driving.

One social media user wrote: “Christ, you’d hope that biker will learn a lesson from that”
Another said: “Frikin organ doners.”

While another said: “Holly Doo Doo, did I really just see that. Thank god he didn’t hit you that would have been messy.”

An Isle of Man Constabulary spokesman said: “We were aware of the incident but could not locate the rider.

“It happened during the festival of motoring on the island. We ask that riders coming to the island stay on the correct side of the road in the left hand lane. It’s not a race track.”

The Isle of Man TT is a world famous motorbike race that takes place every year between May and June and attracts riders from around the world.

Competitors travel up to speeds approaching 200mph on a 37-mile circuit around the island.

Public roads are closed for the event, and sees motorbikes racing on roads like those seen in the dash cam video.

In total 255 riders have been killed competing in the event which has been held on the island since 1908.

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