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Scotland Accelerates Ban of Petrol and Diesel Automobiles by 8 Years


CollScottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon recently made an announcement that they were looking to axe the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2032, which is a full 8 years before the UK. Sturgeon outlined the plan in September to encourage people to make the switch to electric vehicles and to drastically expand the network of charging points and to set up pilot projects in Scotland.

A Tough Goal

This commitment has been made to combat the negative health impact that poor air quality is having on residents and follows plans set out by France and major cities such as Mexico City, Athens and Madrid. However, much like the UK, a great deal of uncertainty is in the air as to whether or not this is achievable. This is, in part, due to the current economic and political climate in the United Kingdom at the moment.

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New Car Sales

As a result of this uncertainty, it has seen the sale of new cars in the UK take an enormous slump in 2017. September is usually a key month for new car sales due to a change in license plate series, but sales dropped 9% from last September and sales have fallen for six months in a row. This is a clear indication of the UK’s low buyer confidence and hesitance to make any major financial decisions.

Alternative Fuel Sales

The sales of alternatively fuelled vehicles accelerated by a staggering 41%, which shows that the public is preparing for an all-electric future. In addition to preparing for the ban, motorists are also making the change due to Government incentives and because there are many excellent electric and hybrid vehicles currently on the market.

Making the Switch

It is easy to see more and more motorists make the switch over the coming years and especially in Scotland which now has a shorter timeframe for motorists to switch. With so many motorists changing cars, it is vital that they are careful and take steps to avoid scams and fraud. This can be achieved with an HPI Check, which provides a detailed vehicle history report. This will indicate any major issues, including outstanding finance or reported as stolen, and allow the motorist to make an intelligent decision.

It is an interesting time for the automotive industry in the UK right now. This is particularly true in Scotland, where a recent announcement to ban diesel and petrol sales 8 years before the UK has made motorists think about switching to eco-conscious automobiles sooner rather than later.

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