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Glacial Golfing: Survival Tips for the Wintery Green


Despite the gloomy weather and popular misconception, golf can thrive as a winter sport. With new challenges and even benefits that just aren’t available aCony other time of year. Here are some tips that show there really is no need to hang up the clubs.

Credit: Andrew Murray

1) Perseverance

We’re a hardy bunch, us Brits. In a country where overcast, cold, and wet days are the norm, you have to be. What would Glastonbury look like every year if revellers were afraid of a bit of mud? So get out there and don’t let the weather stand in the way. Most importantly, remember to have fun! That’s what it’s all about in the end.

2) Take advantage of a quieter golf course

Most hobbyists will choose to lie dormant until the spring – but you won’t. So take advantage of the thinning crowd, and spend more time nailing your technique. Take that little bit longer working your way round. The pressure is off, for now, and there’s more room for error. In fact, more error is expected, but there’s all that extra time for practice, and practice makes perfect.

3) Remind yourself of the benefits

People tend to hunker down during the longest, coldest nights of the year. But this is a temptation that should be avoided. Golf is a low risk, low impact sport, but that doesn’t mean the benefits are lacking. On the contrary, in the cold, as your body works harder to keep warm, you can actually burn more calories on the course than in the gym. Simple tricks can maximise this effect. Why not ditch the cart, and walk around the course instead? In addition to losing weight and building muscle tone, the game itself is therapeutic, and can lower stress levels. Play often enough, and you could even boost your immune system and sense of well-being.

4) Bring a friend

Golf can be a wonderful social exercise, and there’s always an excuse to meet up with friends. Bring one along and introduce them to the game, or meet up with other enthusiasts at the course for some healthy competition.

5) Remember, golfing doesn’t always have to be about golf

Golf can be a luxurious sport if you want it to be. Some of Britain’s finest golfing hotels come armed to the teeth with an array of more winter friendly activities. Sure, get out there and enjoy the game, but come back inside to enjoy the Michelin-starred restaurants, spas, comfy rooms and indoor tennis courts. Often the surroundings are steeped in history, with gorgeous listed buildings nestled in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Even if the weather is poor, utilise your hobby as an escape from the ordinary world.

6) Hang it all up, go abroad

Some days, no matter how enthusiastic you are, the golf course should remain off-limits. Especially at that time of year when hurricane remnants and storms batter the country. In that case, then, why not opt for a golfing escape? Places like the Algarve in Portugal and Marbella in Spain keep warm microclimates all year round, at relatively affordable prices. If you want to push the boat out even further, there is some brilliant golf waiting in the United States, South Africa, Vietnam, and beyond.

If you’re determined not to let the weather stop you from enjoying your favourite sport this winter, check out Function 18’s golf sale, and find the right equipment to make it all the more bearable.

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