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Southampton Car Sales Careers for Those Avoiding University


There is a lot of pressure placed on youngsters to attend university, but it is not for everyone. Nobody should be forced to go to university if they do not want to go, plus for many, it is in their best interest to go down a different path. There are a handful of advantages for not attending university and it is unnecessary for those with an interest in certain lines of work.

Finding Work

So, what should those interested in avoiding university do after college? This will depend on their qualifications, interests and network, but it is wise to look into industries that are always in demand. This should ensure that you find stable and profitable work that could lead to a lucrative career. You could then look into an internship or even landing a full-time job and starting your career path.

The Auto Industry

One industry that is highly worth looking into is the auto industry. In Britain, people always have a need for automobiles and people will be looking to buy and sell no matter what is happening in the country and overseas. Even in uncertain times where consumer confidence is low, and the implications of Brexit are unknown, the used car market continues to perform well. Both new and used car sales had record years in 2016 and used car dealers are confident that sales will continue to grow.


In addition to targeting certain industries, it is also a smart move to look at areas of Britain where there are jobs available and sales are high. In England, this is in the South and in major cities like Southampton. The South of England consistently has the most car sales, so it is here that the money and opportunities are. Heavily populated areas like this are where people come to sell their automobiles and it is also where you will find used car dealerships.


Southampton is a good option because it is a major city on the coast and easily accessible from places like Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Winchester and Chichester. It is also not too close to London, which is an area that could be competitive for jobs and the cost of living is much higher than other areas of the UK.

Southampton car sales are consistently high and there are numerous dealerships that are regularly recruiting for jobs and attracting motorists to buy. Many of the larger dealer groups are constantly expanding, which means that there are vacancies to be filled in growing businesses. Getting your foot in the door early with companies like this can lead to great success in the industry.

Rewarding Work

With large companies that are expanding, you will receive the best training, opportunities for career progression and excellent remuneration packages. Car sales jobs do not usually require qualifications and are well suited to anybody with a positive attitude, good communication skills, a strong work ethic and self-confidence. Everything else will be taught on the job.

University is not for everyone and, for many, avoiding it can be the best move for a young person eager to work. The automotive industry is ideal for somebody looking to enter a lucrative career at a young age, as used car sales are usually higher, and dealerships are constantly expanding, with places like Southampton being a key area for used car sales in the UK.