Picture of weeping Batman, 3, as his secret “wee” drawer is discovered goes viral


A PRICELESS photo shows the moment a three-year-old “Batman” was confronted with a heinous crime – secretly peeing in a set of drawers.

Freddie Bartlett is seen in padded superhero costume, wailing pitiously, following his failed bid to pin the blame on the dog.

And for those with the stomach to look closely, a sweetie wrapper can be seen floating in the ghastly evidence of his misdemeanour.

Freddie’s mum, Anita, was tormented by a pungent smell in their house in Bournemouth for a week – but could not track down the cause of the pong.

When she went into Freddie’s bedroom on Tuesday, the stench was even stronger, prompting her to ask Freddie if he had urinated on his carpet.

The tot pointed over to his drawer, inside of which the grim source of the smell was found. Freddie claimed the mess had been caused by the family pooch.

It was at this point that Freddie’s sister, Phoebe, 21, photographed the mayhem, capturing an image that has been liked 142,000 times, retweeted 48,000 times and attracted hundreds of comments.

She captioned the image: “Mum has just found a draw full off p*** that my three-year-old brother has been p*****g in and he blamed the dog HAHA!”

Speaking today, Anita, 45, said: “I was so just so livid when I saw it. I had literally been going past his room for about a week and noticed this really pungent smell.

“I kept blaming the dogs thinking it was them but it just got worse and worse. It was getting really bad.”

Anita added: “Then I went in on Tuesday night and walked over near the window and noticed it was stronger. I said to Freddie, ‘Have you weed on the floor in here?’ and he said no and pointed over to his drawers.

“I opened it and just thought ‘wow’, I was in shock. Phoebe just got her phone out and couldn’t stop laughing but I was in shock.

“There was so much of it. I can’t even remember what he said but he finally owned up to it. I told him off and then he burst into tears, bless him.

“I think he was using it just whenever he liked. Obviously wee is usually yellow but this was an orangey, brown colour and looked like vinegar so it must have fermented.

“When I took out the draw there was so much in it I had to balance it so it wasn’t spilling as I walked.

“My friend had said ‘Ohh you better throw them out’ and laughed when I said I will be able to give them a good scrub and they’ll be fine.

“It hadn’t even leaked through so they must be a good set of drawers.”

Rhian Emma Mainwaring was among those who commented, writing: “Omg…his face, his p*** drawer has been ruined…lol. Aw.

“By the looks of it, he has done that for a while. He is gutted. Also love how he is in a Batman suit.”

Twitter user, Denzarki said: “I imagine Batman has a p*** drawer too, you ever seen a hero go to the toilet? Now we know why.”

Bertie Gilbert wrote: “You joke but hiding your piss in a draw is truly inspired.”

Sammy Paul said: “That’s objectively a large quantity of p***. It’s panicking, making a mistake and then just fully committing to it. I’m truly impressed.”

And Dara Fontein wrote: “I asked my friend, who is a mother, how she’d clean this and she said ‘Throw it out. The dresser and the kid’.