Hilarious moment teenager tricked into taking non-existent “pallet test”


A YOUNG worker has gone viral after being pranked into taking a fake “pallet lifting test” – including making his own beep noises.

Teenager Luke Dickson solemnly gives his name to camera before picking up a load and performing a figure of eight around obstacles.

The 17-year-old then shouts “beep, beep” as he reverses with the hand-held pallet truck.

As the “test” finishes, manager Clark Rafferty can no longer contain his mirth and bursts out laughing – at which point the penny drops for poor Luke.

The lad from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, has worked as a trainee fabricator at Auto Door Projects LTD, Wishaw, for the past six months.

Looking genuinely nervous, Luke pulls off a perfect test but is baffled when colleague Jamie Kelso tells him: “You have to make the noise, louder.”

Reluctantly at first but still not suspecting anything, Luke starts saying “beep, beep” as he reverses with the device.

Clark posted the hilarious clip on his Facebook page writing: “Proud moment for Luke Dickson passing his pallet truck test today! Canny believe he fell for it. Beeep beeep.”

Speaking today (TUE) Clark, 30, said: “He’s been with us for about six months now but we like to have a laugh so decided to wind him up.

“Me and Jamie, who you can hear in the video, had been building it up and kidding on all day that he had to get his pallet test done.

“We told him the assessor was down south and couldn’t make it up so we would have to film the whole test.

“I made a certificate using a template we had for asbestos and made him sign it beforehand.

“Jamie said to him the sound wasn’t working on the machine so when he would have to shout beep, beep when reversing.

“It was hilarious, so funny, he was devastated when he realised after it wasn’t real.

“Surprisingly, he’s kept pretty quiet since.”

The video has attracted more than 57,000 views and hundreds of comments from humoured viewers including Luke’s proud father, Mark Dickson who wrote: “Feeling emotional. He’s only had his provisional two weeks too.”

Loyd Rafferty said: “Belter man. He was concentrating like f*** too.”

Craig Duncan wrote: “F****** hilarious.”

Michael Burns said: “Well done Luke Dickson! What a life you have ahead of you. You can work anywhere in the world with that licence.”

Liam Bailey wrote: “Hahaha how do c*** fall for s***like this.”

And Jamie Dickson said: “Mate a canny move. It’s when he says his name he’s as serious as f***.”

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