Moment Scots party-goer slammed through wooden table


A BIZARRE video shows the moment a party-goer picks up another man and slams him straight through a wooden table.

The clip shows the man using a wrestling-style move with such force that the slats collapse and the victim passes though and on to the ground.

Two clips caught the mayhem unfolding at the party, understood to be in the North Lanarkshire area where a group of young men are seen in a garden.

Carrying the man – understood to called Dylan – on his shoulders, the prankster throws him down on the table in a “John Cena” style wrestling move.

Uploaded onto social media on Saturday by Twitter user Jack McCusker the video has gone viral with over 2,000 shares and 6,000 likes.

While second clip filmed from a different angle by Georgia Gartley shows the aftermath of the table crunching moment.

At the start of the clip a man named Gary, wearing grey jogging trousers and a dark blue top, is seen holding another Dylan on his shoulders.

Taking two steps forward he then puts one hand around his neck and his other hand under his legs before launching Dylan towards the table.

Smashing into the 3ft high wooden frame, the table almost instantly gives way with the young man crashing to the gravel below.

Remarkably, the legs are still seen standing with the centre of the table having been left with a human sized hole in the centre.

Other party-goers can be heard bursting into hysterical laughter while another man can be heard repeatedly saying “no, no, no.”

The youngster can then been seen slowly crawling out from under the remains of the table, appearing uninjured.

According to Georgia, the move was planned but no-one expected the table to give-way.

She said: “His friend Garry purposely picked him up to break the table, a John Cena move to be exact. He was fine he’s a tough boy, no one expected the table to break.”

Posted with the caption “First gaff ave been at where a c**ts been put through the table” the original video has attracted thousands of viewers with many commenting.

@ebowooding wrote: “Incredible”

@chrissypaterson responded: “That’s superb hahahah”

@jacob_wilson10 commented: “some effort that”

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