Ramsay reveals why he left Scotland – tattie scone and sliced sausage rolls


Gordon Ramsay has revealed why he left Scotland – tattie scone and sliced sausage rolls.

The celebrity chef was asked on Twitter if rolls containing the Scottish delicacies reminded him of his homeland.

Dean Moffat asked: “What do you think of this @GordonRamsay? Reminding you of where you came from big chief?”

Ramsay replied: “That’s exactly why I left.”



The humorous reply has been liked over 1,000 times and retweeted over 200 times.

Dean himself replied: “Square slice is life big man get with the programme.”

One user said: “Mate don’t bash square sausage and tattie scones.”

Another said: “Don’t talk p**h Gordon, you know that looks and probably tastes amazing. Scottish morning rolls are the best.”

Paul Kennedy asked: “Tell me a better hangover cure than a roll and slice with red sauce and cold irn bru?”

Other users suggested that the Kitchen Nightmares presenter had forgotten where he came from.

Tricia Hylton said: “You’re taking the p*** @GordonRamsay you canna beat a roll ‘n square sausage and tottie scones! #ForgotWhereYerFae.”

Another user said: “Never forget your roots”, along with a fist emoji.
Erin Jenkins said: “Traitor. There I said it.”

However, not everyone was enamoured with Dean’s breakfast, with some of Ramsay’s English followers siding with him.

One said: “Looks like something you grabbed out from a bin.”

Mark Kilroy added: “I’d rather the hangover.”

Another said: “Two toasted t*t implants.”

Bao Zakeruga suggested that the chef was being even harsher than usual. He said: “You’re being extra savage tonight.”


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