Mum recovering from hospital stay throws up after finding huge brown blob in Tesco juice


A CONVALESCING hospital patient threw up when she found a huge lump of “mould” inside a carton of Tesco apple juice.

Justine Elizabeth Nos left hospital on Sunday following treatment for gastroenteritis and waited until Tuesday to satisy her craving for apple juice.

But the 25-year-old was repelled by the “awful” taste and then realised something was moving inside the carton.

Justine, from Nottingham, cut open the carton and found a brown lump the size of a small apple – after which she was violently sick in the sink while trying to livestream video of the disgusting object to her sister.

Tesco have apologised and are investigating how the revolting lump came to be inside the 75p carton of own-brand juice, which Justine says she was about to give to her one-year-old daughter, Eva Rose.

Justine was physically sick when she discovered the brown sludge in her juice

Justine bought the juice from the Worksop Tesco Superstore around three weeks ago, but the sell-by date was not until February 2018.

Justine raised the alarm by posting a picture to the supermarket’s Facebook page on Tuesday (NOV 14) with the caption: “Just gone to drink my juice. Tasted awful, I’ve instantly been sick when I looked inside to find this.”

Speaking yesterday (WED), Justine said: “I tasted it and it tasted awful and off. I poured it down the sink which made the thing inside it drop. I looked down the neck of the carton and could see something, so I cut it open to check.

“I’ve had gastroenteritis and was in hospital on Sunday with severe sickness and stomach cramps and the juice is all I fancied. Of course having a already dodgy stomach, as soon I realised and saw whatever it was I was sick in the sink while I was on FaceTime to my sister showing her what it was.

“I had also put some in a bottle for my one year old, so it’s good I actually tasted it myself before giving it her.”

Justine (left) was about to give some of the mouldy juice to her one-year-old daughter Eva Rose

When asked what she thought the brown sludge in the carton was, Justine replied: “Probably pure mould if I am honest.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We do everything we can to ensure the high quality and standards of our products, so we were sorry to hear of this issue. It appears the air-tight seal of this product has been damaged so the apple juice has not stayed fresh. We will investigate this issue and update Justine with our findings.”

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