“Away an’ bile yer heid!” Scotswoman football club exec outs sexist man looking for “career advice”


THE marketing manager of a English Premier League football club has revealed how a man looking for career advice asked if she “flirted” her way into her job.

Scot Megan McBurnie, who works for West Bromwich Albion, prompted outrage after posting a screenshot of the sexist exchange on Twitter.

The man, whose identity Megan has kept secret, spotted her high-profile position on networking site LinkedIn and contacted the Glasgow Caledonian University graduate for guidance.

He wrote: “I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch but I was looking at your LinkedIn and wanted some advice on getting into football, particularly the marketing side.

“Im graduating from uni next year with a degree in marketing. Do you have any tips?”

However he then put his foot right in it with a poor attempt at humour dashing his chances of being given any help.

He asked Megan, who used to work for the Scottish Football Association: “Please don’t say you you used your feminine charm to flirt with footballers or the higher ups as I’m a guy and cant do that lol.”

Some Twitter users shared Megan’s disgust

Megan said on Twitter: “Oh no he didn’t. I’m all for helping out people but this is just wrong.

“I’m a girl so I obviously just flirted to get my job regardless of my skills or experience? Away an’ bile yer heid.”

On social media, Margot McCuaig said: “This is both appalling an unsurprising in equal measure. As a woman in sport I’ve batted this c**p so many times.

“It keeps coming but we need to keep trying to make them listen.”

Gordon Sheach said: “Ugh. This is so depressing. You’ll be doing him a favour in the long run by replying with some home truths about professional conduct.

“Also the use of ‘lol’ in an email. Cherry on the cake.”

Some twitter users shared Megan’s disgust

Another user added: “Yes because women don’t know anything about football marketing.
“Ridiculous attitude in this day and age. Been at my club for over 10 years and that’s one of the most sexist and pathetic messages I’ve seen.”

Megan posted further tweets, saying: “It’s mad that someone thinks that’s alright to say. Even if it’s intended as a joke.

“I will give anyone advice or any help I can but I’m not here for casual sexism.
“On this occasion my advice will be; don’t make assumptions about someone based on their gender or industry.”

She later added: “Unfortunately not my first rodeo with this type of thing.
“I took the time to give him a bit of advice on professional conduct so hopefully he has learned a valuable lesson.”

Yesterday, TV presenter Sian Williams took to Twitter to blast a man who said “that’s what I like to see, a woman on her knees” as she bent down to pick up her train ticket.

Cycling brand Pinarello were recently criticised for sexist adverts which suggested it was “impossible” for women to keep up with their boyfriends on the roads.

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