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How to get your customer’s business – A guide for small business owners


Many small business owners start out with a dream, as all business owners do, and that dream fuels them to create something out of nothing. However, after quite a bit of hard work and a lot of passion and energy put into the business, when it’s finally done, a sudden realization comes: You still need to bring customers in. That’s not as easy as wanting it really hard, and many startup entrepreneurs struggle with getting people to actually check out their stuff. This can be a massive problem, as you would imagine, so we’re going to share some tips on how to persuade customers as a small business.

Give the customers what they want

One of the big problems that come with small businesses is that they want to enforce their own model. Sometimes that works, and people just happen to hit the jackpot with a clever idea. In most cases however, customers aren’t interested in what you deep the best iteration of a product or service. They have their own ideas about that, and as a small business, your best bet is to try and emulate that. In other words, try to make sure that what you’re selling is actually in the interest of the customer’s needs, and not just feeding your own ego.

Invest in catchy attention grabbers

When you think about a very successful business that’s all over the place, you have no problem in reciting their famous motto or remembering a catchy jingle that goes along with their product. That’s the kind of attention-grabbing spark that your business needs as well. In an article, a catchy headline hooks and reels in the reader before they even get to the actual content. Keep that in mind when you are devising your marketing strategy. For example Buddy Loans, a recent player in financial industry in UK for guarantor loans increased its market share during the last couple of years partly because of its catchy name and slogan “if you’ve got a good buddy, you can get a loan!”

It’s true that product quality will speak for itself, but until people actually get to try out what you’re selling, you need to do all the speaking, in a clever way.

Invest in visual representations of what you’re about

Similar to how a business can be identified by its slogans and songs, one of the most important aspects of a company’s relationship with its customers is the logo. Logos are like photographs, in the sense that they can encompass the ideas of a thousand words. A small pictogram, with two or three different colors and a more or less hidden message can launch your business into a prosperous age. A logo is not just a way to represent your brand in the relationship with your customers but also how other institutions in the market can identify you, like competitors, collaborators or providers.

Successfully starting a business is only the first step. Now you have to take it to new heights and that will take even more work. However, with smart use of your resources and a reliable product to back up your image, you can safely say that the sky is the limit.

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