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Traveling to the US is easier than ever but not many people know about ESTA


Traveling to the US is something that many people aspire to do but the difficulty of this task has changed over the years. There was a time when UK citizens would need a waiver that would allow them to cross over into the US. Now, that waiver is replaced by what is called the ESTA, but not enough people are aware of its existence or its role. You can know more about what is esta by reading this piece and also checking out their own website, since it’s a great, easy way to get into the US.

What is ESTA?
In simple terms, it is a sort of visa which is granted to people based on an application system. You submit an application and then they decide if you are approved and eligible to travel to the US. It’s a very simple process but since not that many people know about, there aren’t a whole lot that profit from this opportunity.

Getting your ESTA
It takes up to 72 hours for the results to come in after you submit your application, so if you’re tight on time make sure to submit it way before you actually need to leave for the US. It’s preferred that you do it at least 72 hours prior. Keep in mind however that there’s a really big chance for your application to be reviewed and answered very quick, so you can have your travelling status updated as soon as you send out the application in some cases.

It’s not a border bypass
If you have an ESTA, you gain the right to enter the US, but at the end of the day it’s the border customs of that specific country, in this case the US, that have the final say in what happens. They will determine after a final verification if you are truly eligible to enter the US.

Reasons to visit the US
Getting into the US is a lot easier today than it was prior, but is that enough of a motive to actually go there? If you don’t have any friends or family to visit, why would you go to the US, outside the fact that you can? Here are a few reasons why most people want to travel to the US.
· Living the American Dream
· Higher education
· To see iconic sites and landmarks
· To walk the same streets as famous people
· Fashion
· Weather and wildlife
· Job opportunities

The bottom line is that regardless if you decide to go or not to the US, knowing that you have that option in your back pocket can mean a lot. Even if you don’t intend on traveling right now, know that the ESTA is available for two full years after it has been approved, so there’s no rush or fear of the ESTA expiring before you get a chance to visit the US.

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