Police dogs’ eye view revealed after crime-fighting canines fitted with GoPros


AMAZING footage shows a police dog’s eye view as it tracks down an escaped “criminal” during a training exercise.

Two police pooches, Police Dog’s (PD) Bono and Juno, were fitted with cameras as they played “hide and seek” last week during a Police Scotland training drill.
The pair can be heard panting as they run through fields and woods searching for their handlers.

Social media users branded the footage “brilliant” and “amazing” after the force uploaded the two 30-second clips to Twitter last Tuesday.

The first clip captured PD Bono running through a woodland area panting as he carries out his search in the heavy rain.

Police posted the clip with the caption: “Open search by #PDBono #HideAndWeWillFind.”
The dog’s snout can be seen at the bottom of the frame as he makes his way through the grassland.

At one point the eager hound stops to have a quick shake before bounding off into the trees.

He eventually finds an officer hiding behind a tree and begins to bark. The officer can then be heard saying to Bono: “Good boy, good lad.”

While in the second video PD Juno is seen racing across a field in the rain and running through marshy grassland.

When he finds an officer hiding behind a bush, PD Juno begins yelping in a high pitched tone until the officer throws a bright yellow object at him.

The police canine snaps it up and runs off into the field, before coming across another officer who crouches down and throws a hand out to stop the energetic pooch.

Police Scotland said the GoPro’s were only being used for training and not being used operationally yet.

The two clips sent social media users into meltdown with nearly 400 likes and may commenting.

Lesley Jamieson said: “I love it but you are responsible for me wasting my days away on twitter.”

Gary Silvester added: “How great is that? Thank you. Good boy.”

Anna commented: “That was very satisfying.”

P&KFedSgt joked: “Cannae beat a bit of #Gnashcam footage #monthedugs

The Egyptian Wife said: “Brilliant, great to see a dogs eye view.”

Ashdale Dog Training said simply: “Amazing.”

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