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A BIZARRE “ugly” Christmas jumper complete with a hairy chest and array of festive tattoos has sent social media users into meltdown.

The “Ugly Christmas pullover” has become an internet sensation after an image of the top was posted online, with social media users saying they “needed” it.

The jumper, which costs £18.99 from Amazon seller uideazone, bares a hairy chest complete with bauble nipple piercings and the word “Christmas” emblazoned across the abdomen.

It even comes with multi-coloured fairy lights fashioned as a necklace, a candy cane tattoo and a hairy back.

The unusal jumper comes in a variety of sizes for men, women, children and teenagers.
The brand also sell a range of other bizarre Christmas jumpers, including kittens wearing Santa hats floating on slices of pizza and a T-rex also sporting a santa hat.

The Christmas jumper trend became popular after star of Bridget Jones’ Diary, Colin Firth, sported a roll-neck affair adorned with a giant reindeer’s head in 2001.

The “Ugly Christmas pullover”-Consumer News Scotland
The “Ugly Christmas pullover” has become an internet sensation after an image of the top was posted online, with social media users saying they “needed” it.

However, uideazone’s version of the trend has taken a different approach, and bizarrely landed itself with a legion of fans.

Ashleigh Money Saver posted a picture of the jumper to Facebook with the caption: “I’m sorry but in my opinion this is the best Christmas jumper I have ever seen! It will definitely be a talking point around the dinner table.”

The picture shows the flesh coloured jumper covered in festive tattoos, incuding a ginger bread man, a skull santa, stag’s head, christmas tree and even a stocking.

The jumper even has a hairy bellybutton, and chest which hold christmas baubles as piercings.

Social media users were quick to tag each other in the post, which already has nearly 900 comments since it was posted only 11 hours ago.

Pictures of the ugly jumpers -Consumer News Scotland
The ugly jumper is available on Amazon for £18.99

Kirsty Malcolm said: “That’s my Christmas jumper sorted.”

Jo Storrier added: “This gonna be my jumper ladies.”

Janet West commented: “I need this. Got the belly for it too.”

Leah Brennan joked: “Casually rocking up to the Christmas dinner table in this bad boy.”
While Deborah Smith said simply: “I want one.”

Sophie Rose Askew added: “This would be mint for Christmas day.”

One user joins in on the gag- Consumer News Scotland
One user joins in on the gag

However, Julie Newmarch was not convinced. She said: “I’m sorry but I totally disagree, that’s hideous.”

In June this year a swimsuit for women went viral after a company released it with a hairy mans torso printed on the front.

The £34 ($44) costume, designed by Beloved Shirts, come complete with a hairy chest and back.

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  1. Oh dear, I have come across some strange christmas jumpers in my time in the house clearance business but that surely is the worst.

    A police officer spotted a man driving along the motorway whilst knitting. He got his attention and shouted “pull over!”. The man looked back and said “well, I think of it more as a jumper”.

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