Is this the worst job application ever? “Mortified” Scot sends drunken job plea


A “mortified” Scot may have sent the worst job application ever – drunkenly sending her prospective boss an email saying “Gimme a job.”

Kirsty Nicolson, 20, was on a night out in Edinburgh last Tuesday night when she got chatting to the manager of Byron Burger North Bridge, Gary Scott.

After explaining that she was looking for a temporary job over Christmas before going to Australia in January, and conducting a mock interview in a nightclub, he gave her his email address to get in contact.

Not wanting to wait, she sent him the blunt message while still intoxicated at 2.30am.
The Napier University student was enjoying a night out at the city’s Opal Lounge with her friends Sophie Hughes, Verity Lamb and Rebecca Crawford, all 20, when the discussion took place.

Speaking yesterday (wed) she said: “I was mortified. My friend was the one who reminded me the next morning and we all had a good laugh.

“My mums going to kill me if she sees it.

Kirsty got straight to the point in her email


Gary had been trying to set Kirsty and Sophie up with one of his employees but after it was established they had boyfriends the chat quickly turned to work.

Jobless Kirsty added: “He mentioned he was the manager and they were on a work night out, so me being mad with it I was just like ‘oh I need a Christmas temp job’ and he was giving me a mock interview.”

When she informed him that she was being serious about wanting a job, he asked her to send her CV as an application.

“He was like ‘I’ll give you my email and you can send me your CV’ and then I ended up sending that”, said Kirsty.

She remembered the email in the morning and shared it with her Twitter followers

She then got in touch with the manager at 3am saying: “Gimme a job…Kirsty from Opal”, accompanied by a smiley face.

There has been no response yet and she is not holding her breath. She added: “I’ve had no reply from the email yet – I don’t think I’ll be getting one.”

However, Byron Burger have revealed that she may be in with a chance of landing a position.

Deputy Manager Emma Dixon, 28, said today (wed): “Gary is on holiday just now so I got the e-mail.

“We all just kind of laughed. We actually get messages like that a lot.

“Of course we’ll reply. I don’t know if Gary’s offered anything yet so I will need to speak to him, but we might offer her a trial shift.

“We give everyone a chance.”

Byron Burgers on North Bridge said that Kirsty still has a chance of a position

Kirsty posted a screenshot of the email to Twitter and said: “As if I met the manager of Byron Burgers last night in Opal and applied for a job like this.”

Jessica Richmond commented: “No way”, to which Kirsty replied “Just go ahead and kill me now please.”

Another user said: “This is gold”, prompting Kirsty to say: “Na I actually hate myself.”