Is this Britain’s worst Xmas tree? – Home Bargains admit tragic tree “slipped through quality control”


IS THIS Britain’s worst Christmas tree? A confused shopper has shared hilarious pictures of his almost bare tree.

Leighton Dunn was out shopping with his partner in Newport, South Wales, when the couple decided to get in the festive spirit by picking out their tree.

But after taking the 6ft fake fir tree from Home Bargains store home – he was shocked at what he discovered when he opened the box.

Instead of a full, triangular shaped tree, the 30-year-old was met with a tragic number with just dozens of sparse branches and gigantic gaps missing from the middle.

Even with Leighton pulled the branches out and tried to puff them up the £30 tree still looked ridiculous.

The disappointed shopped had hoped to decorate a tree with warm white lights attached, to give his home a festive feel, after his partner and mum had insisted he buy one.

However, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he put the tree together.

Home Bargains admitted the tree had “slipped through quality control” and claimed the quality of the tree was an “isolated incident”.

Leighton snapped a series of pictures of his faulty tree, and one picture of it half built shows plenty of spaces between the limbs.

A picture of the artificial tree fully built sitting in Leighton’s kitchen bares little resemblance to any of the Christmas tree’s advertised by Home Bargains.

Leighton snapped up the last tree with warm lights in the Newport store, but a similar sized tree for sale on the Home Bargains website shows a full and bushy fir.

The 6ft Regency Christmas tree, on sale for only £24.99 is described as the “ultimate festive centerpiece”.

However, Leighton was disappointed with his own purchase.

Speaking today, Leighton said: “I didn’t even want a tree this year but my partner kept on at me to buy one, so did my mum, she kept saying I have to get one.

“When I opened it I thought I can’t believe we bought this £30 where are the rest of the branches?

“I think it was the last one of that kind in the store. It was supposed to be a 6ft tree with warm white lights already on it.”

Luckily Leighton and his family found it amusing.

He added: “My family seemed to find it funny. When I sent them a photo my sister said it could only happen to me.”

A spokesperson for Home Bargains said: “Having reviewed the images of the customer’s Christmas tree, we believe this to be an isolated case which has slipped through our stringent quality control process.

“We encourage the customer to return the product to store, where we will happily exchange it.”

Earlier this month it was reported that Argos are selling an upside down artificial Christmas tree this year.

The 7ft tree is said to help “make the most of your limited floor space” and comes with a £189.99 price tag.


  1. Hi, don’t know why happened there but I have just put up my new tree from the same shop and it looks fabulous 🙂 I m hoot with my purchase… I suppose that the person who has that that yours one was very tired after 16hours shift. ??

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