“The dogs tails fallen off!” – Scots mums hilarious reaction to finding her pets “tail” on the floor


A SCOTS mum has gone viral after her hilarious reaction to her dogs “tail falling off” was captured on camera.

Helena McCluskey from Strathaven, South Lanarkshire spied a piece of carpet lying on the floor which her pet Dexter had chewed off earlier.

But instead of realising what it actually was the 50-year-old panicked and thinking the piece of carpet was in fact Dexter’s tail.

Helena’s daughter Veronica was filming the cocker spaniel at the time and managed to capture the hilarious moment on camera.

As Veronica walks towards her mum, Helena can be heard shouting: “The dog’s tails fallen off!”

The priceless reaction has been shared on Twitter yesterday (TUE) and been retweeted almost 6,000 times and liked over 15,000 times.

The video starts with Veronica filming the pooch playing with his ball and asking: “Dex, come here. What you got on your nose?”

Helena then interjects from through in the hallway: “Veronica, come here.”
Veronica makes her way through before her mum comically adds: “The dogs tails…oh no it’s the carpet.

“I thought the dog’s tail had fell off there.”

The 21-year-old laughs uncontrollably at her mother’s wacky mistake.

Veronica posted the video to Twitter and said: “My maw has said some daft stuff but no joke, this is by far the worst thing my maw’s ever done.

“Dexter had been chowin the carpet and she thought his tail had fallen off. I apologise for my kettle laugh.”

Hundreds of replies flooded in to the post with social media users in hysterics over the mother-daughter exchange.

Lindsay Ferry said: “I’m honestly p***** myself, with Veronica replying: “I genuinely have no words.

“She said it like it’s quite a common thing too. For a dugs tail just to fall off. My god almighty man.”

Jade said: “This video is actually amazing.”

Oweny Bhoy said: “The laugh makes the video.”

Another user added: “I’m genuinely p****** my pants, can’t stop watching this.”

While a user named Bora felt some sympathy for Helena’s error.

He said: “Maw’s right. It looks like the dog’s tail had fallen off.”

Speaking today (wed), Veronica said: “Well if you happen to know my mum you would know that this is nothing that shocking from her as she does hit out with some ridiculous things.

“This one definitely has been the worst so far though.”

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