Police Scotland release shocking video showing brazen pick-pocket


POLICE Scotland have released a shocking video showing how easily a brazen pick-pocket managed to steal from an unsuspecting shopper.

Dumfries and Galloway Police posted the clip today (WED) in order to show home is for people to get pockers picked while out stocking up on presents.

The CCTV shows a woman walking down Dumfries High Street with a shopping bag without a care in the world.

Within seconds the preying thief sneaks up behind her before reaching down into one of the shoppers bags.

The thief then pulls what appears to be a purse from the bag and quickly putting it inside her jumper.

She then walks on leaving her victim none the wiser at her loss.

However, Police Scotland today (WED) revealed how the CCTV clip, filmed earlier this year, resulted in them catching the woman and charging her with theft.

The police posted the video today (wed) in a bid to raise awareness for their Festive Crime Campaign which starts on Friday.

They say it emphasises the fact that CCTV can catch criminals out even if their misdemeanours are initially missed.

The campaign runs until January 6, 2018. Dumfries and Galloway Police state on their website that it aims to deter and disrupt those who would seek to commit crimes such as thefts, frauds and shoplifting at this time of year.

The 12-second clip zooms in on the two ladies walking down a busy street.

The crook, in a blue hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and adidas trainers, snoops up behind the other lady doing her shopping.

She dips her hand in her bag and pulls out a purse, before having a good look to make sure she hasn’t been clocked.

She can be seen stuffing it up her jumper as she walks away, while the other lady carries on blissfully unaware.

The police posted it to their Facebook page and said: “Festive crime campaign. Did you see it? Our CCTV operators did.

“Our Festive Anti-Crime Campaign will run from Friday 1 December 2017, through until Saturday 6 January 2018.

“High visibility police patrols will be backed up with plain clothes patrols, working alongside our CCTV operators to target those committing crime.”

Dozens of Facebook users already taken to the post after being left shocked by the footage.
Bruna Pagani said: “How did that woman not notice that horrible little thief. People should be more aware of their surroundings.”

Louise Hope said: This video shows that thieves will target anyone, the more vulnerable the better it is for them.

“Please watch where you put your belongings, don’t keep them in a carrier bag.

“Too many thieves will watch you closely and steal off you just as easy as it was in this video. Thank you to Dumfries Galloway Police Division for catching her.”

Laura Stephenson said: “Oh my god that’s awful and I bet the poor woman is shocked to see this happen to her.”

Gabriella Parello added: “Thank god I don’t like people getting close to me like that.
“I would have elbowed her getting so close to me.

“I’m thankfully very aware of my surrounding because I come from a country where this is a normal every day occurrence.”

A spokesman for Dumfries and Galloway police said today: “We are showing it because we’re launching our Christmas campaign and it shows it’s not just about the presence on the street, it’s about the eye in the sky with the CCTV.

“It’s not often we have footage as good as this which clearly shows how easy it is.
“The lady in the video had no clue so it shows just how easy it is.”

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