Gordon Ramsay’s latest culinary creation mocked by fans who say it looks like “lady parts”


CELEBRITY TV chef Gordon Ramsay has left fans in stitches after plating up raw meat that appears to resemble a part of the anatomy.

The Scottish star posted an image of his new gastronomic creation but it was quickly ridiculed by social media users, claiming it looked like “lady parts”.

Writing online earlier this week, the Hell’s Kitchen chef wrote: “Sunday Meat Day at #GordonRamsaySteak at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino with this delicious American Wagyu Carpaccio with a deviled quail egg, puffed rice paper and truffle salsa!”

The image shows thinly sliced “carpaccio” – raw meat -that has been folded and arranged in a half-moon or crescent shape on the plate.

Accompanying the very pink dish is a tiny deviled quail egg, puffed rice paper and a truffle salsa.

However, some fans were quick to spot that the celebrity’s latest meal appeared at first glance to be something very rude.

Commenting on the snap, taken at Gordan Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, social media users suggested what the meat dish resembled.

Ashley Brown said: “Umm does anyone else think this looks like a plate of cut up clits? Just me? Lol”


Karey Vasiliauskas Gleason said: “While I’m quite sure that it taste amazing, Gordon can we talk about the plating?

“Friend to friend. The carpaccio looks like another kind of ‘beef curtain.’ It’s all I can see. This would be a total hit at a convention for obstetricians.”

Dana Bleau responded: “That’s exactly what i thought when i saw this pic – calf labia?”

Paul Smith wrote: “Looks like a bunch of lady parts and a little egg that shat itself across the plate…”

R.p. Kraul commented: “I’m not one to doubt Chef Ramsey, but this is an odd presentation.”

However, some fans defended his presentation of the expensive dinner.

Matthew Smith said: “For all the haters… let me know when you’re worth over 100 million from your cooking skills.. then talk to me.”

Jennifer Young-Alexander commented: “I ate here when I went to Vegas the first of November and it was amazing!”