Footie fans’ fury at Police Scotland for blocking view at Ibrox


A FOOTIE fan has been left reeling after a row of Police Scotland officers blocked his view for an entire game at Ibrox.

The Aberdeen supporter, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared a photo on social media showing four officers obstructing his view during the Aberdeen versus Rangers game on Wednesday.

After missing a goal and most of his team’s attacks, the furious Scot plans to complain to the club in hope that something can be done before their return to Govan in January.

Members of the Aberdeen Supporters Club have also joined the row, criticising the standard of policing at football matches in the country.

The two clubs met in the Scottish Premiership on Wednesday night with the Gers’ win moving them to three points behind second placed Aberdeen.

Adding to the misery of Dons fans sitting near the front, the police officers were standing in their eyeline for the entirety of the match.

The fan who shared the snap said today (FRI): “They were there for the full 90 minutes.
“People asked them to move and were ignored, and gave up in the end. We couldn’t see the second goal at all.

“In the second half on the rare occasions Aberdeen actually went forward we had to turn around and watch it on the TV screens.

“I’m going to make a complaint to Aberdeen.

“There’s not much they can do but would hope that for the next game at Ibrox those tickets are at least cheaper since they’re clearly restricted view.”

He posted the photo to his Twitter last night, clearly showing the bulk of his view being taken up by four policemen and one steward, adding: “Difficult to comment on Aberdeen’s performance tonight considering this was my view for 90 minutes.”

Social media users have also responded to the post complaining about similar situations.

One Twitter user, Neil said: “It’s hellish mate – worst away day in the league.

“They treat you worse than criminals at Ibrox meanwhile the locals spew their sectarian p*** and drape Israel flags.

“Yet three or four youths in the away end who stand for circa 10 seconds are the problem.”
Another user said: Get a refund as that’s f****** shocking.”

Ian Spence added: “Ask for money back and take this to SFA.”

Others suggested that he was being spared given Aberdeen’s performance on the pitch.

Sean said: “Given what I heard and saw of it, you’d have seen more than enough from there.”

Daniel Simpson said: “Wish that was my view. Unfortunately I had a clear view of the pitch.”

Findlay Mair said: “Very jealous to be honest.”

Chris Scott, of Aberdeen fans’ group Dons Supporters Together, said: “Sadly, this is nothing new and is something we need no longer accept.

“It is a common complaint among supporters, who feel the attempts made by police and stewards to ensure safety do, in fact, cause more unrest.

“The police and stewards need to be as well-versed with fan behaviour and culture as they do the laws and regulations.

“Until they are, there will be friction between fans and the authorities.”

In August this year, the Scottish Disabled Supporters Association called for a review of disabled access at Scotland’s football grounds after it was reported that stewards and police stood in front of the disabled section throughout a match between Rangers and Ross County.

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