“Holy crap, you’re a superhuman” – Dramatic moment have-a-go hero bike owner chases off thief


DRAMATIC footages shows moment a heroic motorbike owner chases off a pair alleged theives from stealing his pride and joy.

In the jaw-dropping video filmed earlier this week, a pair of masked thugs are seen attempting to steal a parked motorbike.

However, the bike’s owner Mat Armitage comes charging out of a nearby gym in Wallasey Village, Merseyside, before punching one of the assailants and chasing them away.

The incredible moment was captured on CCTV on Wednesday evening at around 8pm and Mr Armitage can be heard speaking over the film describing what happened.

The personal trainer from neaby Hoylake, has said it is the third attempt of his motorbike being stolen in a matter of month.

At the start of the footage two people can be seen on a motorbike coming into shot on the CCTV as they ride along the main road.

Mr Armitage can be heard speaking over the footage saying: “So my bike almost got nicked tonight but I think they were messing with the wrong person.

Seeing bike parked outside the gym, the biker turns around and pulls up alongside the parked vehicle.

Referring the bike brand, Mr Armitage can heard saying: “Look there they are. Aprilia Tuono that was nicked at 3pm

Hearing the bikes engine outside, Mr Armitage – who was with a group of clients inside the gym – is seen sprinting out of the building and confronting the pair.

The personal trainer continues: “Oh look there’s me, I know they’re coming. Do you want to get off my bike lads. Smacked.”

Wearing what appear to be helmets, the duo try to make a quit getway before the brave bike owner launches a punch towards one of the potential theives.

Mr Armitage concludes: “B******s.”

Speaking about the incident today (FRI) he said: “As I’m a personal trainer I was with a group of clients at the time, I heard the bike first and as soon as I saw them ride up onto the pavement I knew what their intentions where.

“I ran out and confronted them, they where shocked to see someone charging at them so the guy on the Aprilia started revving his engine to deter me, which is when I hit him.

“He crashed into the wall and broke off the brake lever but managed to ride away picking his pal up on the way.

“The police where notified immediately but where unable to track them down.

This is the third attempt of it being stolen so I’m getting a bit pissed off now!”

Since posting the dramatic footage online earlier this week it has been viewed by more than 26,000 social media users and with many commenting.

Elizabeth Armitage said: “Bloody swines”

Bogdan Pascal wrote: “Love your fast fearless reaction!”

Leigh Prout commented: “Glad they didn’t get it mate.”

Ed Hack responded: “Holy crap Mat you’re a superhuman for hearing that coming!”

Last month the Home Secretary pledged that police will get stronger legal protection to chase violent moped criminals without fear of prosecution.

Amber Rudd vowed there ‘will be change’ to ensure officers are not hauled before the courts if a pursuit ends in a crash.