Birmingham student called “Hibss” adopted by Scottish football fans


A BRUMMIE Arsenal fan has become the unlikely object of devotion north of the border – because she’s called Hibss.

Hibaq Abdirahman uses the Twitter handle “Hibss” and has been flooded with adoring messages by supporters of the Edinburgh side.

Despite the extra “s” in her name, the 21-year-old from Birmingham has been told by Hibs supporters that they plan to name children after her and petition the club to get her VIP tickets.

The tourism management student hopes to be in the crowd at Easter Road this Sunday to watch Hibs take on Celtic in the Scottish Premiership.

The cross-border love affair was sparked when Hibaq recently tweeted: “It’s so fun having the same name as a Scottish football team.”

She was then flooded with messages from adoring Hibs supporters.

A social media user named Steven said: “I’ve never been as jealous of anyone’s name in my life”, before revealing that his girlfriend stopped him for using Hibs as his child’s middle name.

Hibaq Abdirahman uses the Twitter handle “Hibss” and has been flooded with adoring messages by supporters of the Edinburgh side.

Alana Kaja said: “I want to have another baby just to name her Hibs.”

Cris Thacker said: “Come to a game. @LeeannDempster will sort VIP tickets. The rest of us will bring you to the pub and serenade you with songs just about you.”

Sean Nicol said: “You don’t know how lucky you are. It’ll cost me a fortune when it comes to me officially change my name to Hibs.”

Others were keen to get Hibaq well-versed in the Hibee songbook.

Lee Paul said: “You’re adopted by the Hibees now. Welcome in”, and later asked: “Do you know the lyrics to Sunshine On Leith yet though?”

Katie Stewart posted a link to a popular fan song ‘We are Hibs’ and added “So many songs about you.” Hibaq replied: “Wow I’ve really made it.”

Dean Pearson was keen to get his club’s newest recruit a taste of the Easter Road atmosphere.

He tweeted her saying: “F*** the Hearts” and the pair went on to have interaction, with Dean encouraging her to travel north to attend Sunday’s game.

A couple of Celtic fans then jumped in to attempt to shatter the good feeling.

An account named Simply Celtic said: “If Celtic were a person he’d pump you rotten.”

While Stephen Wray said: “Yer Da Hibs’d it doll”, referring to the term ‘Hibs’d it’ which was invented when the team went through a spell of cracking under the pressure in big games.

Speaking today (TUES), Hibaq said: “It’s been amazing, honestly nothing but love from all the Hibs fans.

“From telling me they’re going to name their children after me to telling me they’re going to petition to get me VIP tickets.

“I am actually considering going to the next game if a fan actually gets me tickets.”

Asked if she’d had any animosity from rivals, she said: “I haven’t had any Hearts fans in my mentions as of yet, but the love from the Hibs fans is overwhelming and I’ve also gained hundreds of followers so I can’t complain.”