Bizarre video of animal lover cradling dead fox for 40 minutes goes viral


A BIZARRE video shows a drunk and tearful animal lover cradling a dead fox she found on the road after a night out.

Molly Stanford Britton admits she’d had “a few too many Jägerbombs” when she discovered the stricken creature near her home in Kent.

The 20-year-old scooped up the deceased mammal and carried it for 40 minutes to her home in Rochester where her mum refused to let her in with the body.

A tear-stained Molly is seen in the video hugging the fox, which has one eye open and its tongue poking out, and lamenting: “It literally doesn’t f****** deserve that.”

Molly, a carer, has attracted more than a million views with the video, which was filmed by a friend called Leon.

The clip, captioned “How is this even normal human behaviour?”, opens with Leon saying: “Right, before you scream at me in the morning, I fully tried convincing you to put it down.”

Molly is then shown bleary-eyed as she carries the fox in a cradled baby position.

She then says “Oh but it’s so sweet “ as the camera zooms into the tragic fox’s bloodied face.

“It’s got blood in its mouth but you’re carrying a dead fox,” says Leon.

Molly replies: “I literally want to f***ing cry. Oh my god.

“Oh it’s so cute, it’s so cute. I can’t leave it though, shall we take it indoors? Leon I can’t leave it. It’s like carrying little bubba.

“It’s definitely dead isn’t it? It’s definitely dead? Oh my god it’s dead, it’s dead.

“No we can’t leave it. No Leon we can’t leave it. Look it’s been f***ing killed and it’s been left on the f***ing road like no ones business.

“It doesn’t deserve that, it literally doesn’t fucking deserve that. Oh my god and it’s the cutest f***ing thing I’ve seen in my whole f***ing life.

Leon then says: “Oh he has rabies and everything.” before Molly responds: “You know what, I don’t even care. It’s coming home.

“Mum’s gonna kill me isn’t she? We’re gonna take the dead fox home. It didn’t deserve this.”

She asks Leon: “Can you shut it’s eye for me because I feel really upset? I feel really emotional about this.”

During the clip cars can be seen driving by as the pair continue to walk home with their new recruit.

Speaking today, Molly said: “I just hate seeing animals hurt. We had seen it had been hit and thought it was still moving a bit.

“But then when I picked it up it was gone. I tried to call the RSPCA but couldn’t get through so I picked it up and took it home.

“I was really drunk at the time but it was so upsetting.

“I couldn’t leave it. I carried it 40 minutes to my house but my mum wouldn’t let it in the house because we have the dog so I put it in an area in the garden.”

The video has received a mixed reaction from viewers online.

Samantha Jane Smith wrote: “Ahhh I love this girl I would have done the exact same.”
Kristina Wilson said: “I even felt emotional watching this.”

And Levi Lewis wrote: “This is prob something I’d do, then wake up in the morning sober and sh** myself.”

And Camila Pearson said: “This is fucking rancid in every way possible.”

After receiving some negative comments online, Molly responded online: “Strangers really be calling me a ‘potty mouthed council bird’ ‘prissy little t**t’ telling me to put clothes on and hoping I catch rabies or mange?

“Alright Shirley, sure I’m not the only one who’s had a few too many jäger bombs on a night out you boring f***s.”

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