Shocking moment bat-wielding thug attacks family – then is chased off by girl, 12


SHOCKING footage shows a thug armed with a baseball bat attack a family inside their car – before he is chased off by a young girl.

A baby aged seven months and a three-year-old were in the back of the vehicle when the man launched the vicious assault, at one point yanking open a car door and leaning inside.

Amazingly, the attack ends when a 12-year-old girl emerges from the house and charges straight at the man.

The disturbing footage was filmed in Hatfield, Herts, on November 11 this year. The reason for the vicious ambush on the family is not clear and police do not appear to have been informed.

The clip begins with a black car circling the residential area, while a woman and a teenage girl can be seen getting out of the white Ford.

Suddenly, a man in a dark hooded jumper emerges from a side street weilding a baseball bat.

He runs straight towards the car and begins beating the bat into the side doors – as a young teenage girl wearing a bobble hat looks on in shock.

The older woman, standing at the driver’s side door, reacts instantly and runs around the back of the car to the baby and three-year-old in the back seat.

As the woman jumps in the back and slams the door behind her, the man starts to thrash the bat into the side of the door.

The young girl runs into the house to get help, while the attacker continues to strike the bat on the side of the car.

The woman can then be seen sliding into the driver’s seat from the back, as the man opens the door and appears to attempt to get in the car.

Two young girls then come running out of the house towards the man, and he makes a run for it down the road.

A young girl in a pink jumper appears to scream at the man as he runs off, and follows him to the end of the road.

The same black car from the beginning of the clip can be spotted driving away seconds later.

One of the family members, who wishes to remain anonymous, posted the footage to social media with the caption: “This is the CCTV footage of what the big smelly good for nothing did. He came down today to a house full of women and children.

“He tried to get into a car with a baseball bat to beat a woman, a three-year-old child and a seven-month-old baby.

“Brave boy. My little 12 year old baby sister ran him up the road.”

Social media users were quick to react at the disturbing footage.

One user raged: “Dirty filthy dirty, going to bait a woman and children, so sad. Thank God you are all safe. I swear I can’t believe how a supposed man would want to fight women and children. He is a disgrace, poor children.”

While another wrote: “This is disgusting. I hope you and your children are all ok. I hope he gets what he deserves for this.”


However, others were quick to praise the young girl for chasing the attacker away.

On social media user said: “There is no need, but had to laugh at him running from the child.”

Another added: “The child ran him up the road, some man.”

The family member, who wished to remain anonymous, responded: “She’s a brave little girl.”

A spokeswoman for Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “I’ve searched on our systems using the information given and checked in with officers, but it does not appear that this was reported to us.”

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