Shocking moment car pulled over by police stops – in lane three of the motorway


A TERRIFYING video shows the moment a driver is pulled over by police – and stops in the fast lane of the motorway.

A brave officer is then seen risking his own life to cross the carriageway and direct the driver on to the hard shoulder.

The blue Chevrolet Matiz had been travelling at 50mph in the fast lane of the M4 near Swindon, Wiltshire, for 25 miles and without any lights on.

At the start of the clip the dash cam car can be seen travelling in the middle lane with its hazards lights on warning other cars of the unlit vehicle blocking the fast lane.

A BMW traffic police car can be seen pulling up behind the Chevrolet and turning on its blue lights indicating for it to pull over.

However, instead of immediately pulling over to the left and entering the hard-shoulder, the motorist continues driving in the right-hand lane for 35 seconds before beginning to brake.

As the police car pulls over to the left and stops in a safe area, staggeringly the Chevrolet comes to a complete halt in the right lane as the dash cam car flashes its lights and pulls in behind the driver.

The police car is seen reversing up the hard shoulder as it realises the Chevrolet hasn’t pulled in behind it.

A TERRIFYING video shows the moment a driver is pulled over by police – and stops in the fast lane of the motorway.

An officer from the police car is then forced to cross the busy carriageway, stopping traffic, and wrenching the passenger door open of the car and clearly telling the driver to move over to the hard-shoulder.

Beginning to set off and pull left, the motorist appears to stall the car and take nearly 10 seconds to eventually make their way over to police car as the officer can be seen appearing to look at the driver in disbelief.

Throughout the clip the dash cam car follows closely behind the reckless motorist, warning approaching drivers.

The cop ushers the driver over onto the hard-shoulder

Speaking about the clip, the dash cam driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “The driver came onto the M4 at around junction 19 near Bristol with no lights on.

“Other motorists were flashing their lights at them but they didn’t have any lights on for around 10 miles.

“The police were really good. At first when I called them it was actually on the boundary between Avon and Somerset Police and Wiltshire Police.

“We initially passed a traffic patrol car that was waiting for the driver to pass them but they were waiting for a driver with no lights on, and by that time the driver had turned their lights on.

“When I called them again I told them to look out for my car with its hazard lights on in the middle lane and they spotted us.

“At first I thought they might have been on drugs, but I pulled alongside at one point and his head was down so I thought maybe it was a medical emergency.

“I pulled over to let the police know I had a dash cam of the whole incident.”

Writing online the dash cam driver wrote: “The boys in blue were right where they needed to be for this maniacal lane hogger. But what he did next was unbelievable.

“This driver was travelling down the fast lane of the M4, initially with no lights on, at 50mph for about 20 – 30 minutes. Cars swerving round him, flashing him.”

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