Swedish model flooded with offers after tweeting for a “Scottish man”


A SWEDISH model got more than she bargained for when she put out an online appeal for a Scottish man.

Ines Helene tweeted last night that she wanted someone to talk in Scots to her, laugh at her “in a Scottish laugh” and then “make out” with her.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, social media users have been quick to jump on her tweet and offer to be her heart-throb.

The Scandinavian beauty is one of the world’s most famous Instagram models, with almost two million followers on the site.

Last night she decided to tell her 110,000 Twitter followers that she was after a Scottish man.

She wrote: “I want a Scottish man to take me on a date and talk to me in Scottish and laugh at my witty banter in a Scottish laugh then make out with me.”

Hundreds of replies flooded in with men eager to throw their hat into the ring to be considered as the one to grant her wish.

Kevin Rafferty said: “Right no problem darling. Edinburgh Castle 8pm tonight. I’ll be the one in the kilt.”

Mikey said: “When and where? I’m sure I can catch a wee haggis for some scran”, along with a winky emoji.

Danny Lawson said: “Ya dancer ye, far do we sign hen?”

Christopher Dodds joked: “I’m a ginger Scottish so surely she’s mine? If she wants a disappointing night then I’m perfect.”

Aaron Todd said: “S’appening Ines? Grab yir jaiket yuv pult.”

Others were a bit more crass.

David Mudie said: “Can I bring the wife?”

Another user said: “And I want a Swedish burd to take oot and talk tae and laugh at yer snash afore gieing ye a right good pumping.”

Allan Donaldson said: “Giz a Swatch of your f***y.”

There were also some non-Scots who decided to try their luck.

Rollo Tomassi said: “Let me introduce myself Hamish McTavish is my name. Och aye the noo.”

James De Falco added: “I can play the bagpipes if that’s enough.”

While others were not as keen on being Ines’ Braveheart.

Frank McKeown said: “Sorry I’m busy ironing my kilt tonight darling.”

Ghrim Reaper added: “Wouldnae ride ye intae battle hen.”

Ciaran Kelleher said: “You’re allowed to dream but let’s keep it realistic here, do you even have any banter? And is fo could it really be classed as witty?”

Johnny Scotland put it bluntly, saying: “I would, but she’s got a mole.”

Ines didn’t appear to be swept off her feet by the responses her appeal got.

When Stella Kowalski replied to her original tweet saying: “Don’t we all?”, she replied: “But do we really?” along with a screenshot of one of the unprintable replies.

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